approximate calculation

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We have prepared an approximate calculation for Qatar's carbon emissions using certified computational methods that take into account total energy production (oil and gas) and consumption of the local population" Asmakh said.
From "Stavropolmeliovodkhoz" for two weeks, I'm waiting for an approximate calculation of the cost of increasing the capacity of the Hrushevsky reservoir from the existing 15 million to 25 million cubic meters.
As this is only an approximate calculation, you can always request a more detailed breakdown from your employer if you believe that something has been overlooked.
In the present research, the mass of a black hole was computed on a computer based on Maldacena's theory, and the results were compared with the results obtained by approximate calculation based on conventional superstring theory, which incorporate the quantum gravity effects.
An approximate calculation (shows there were) only 34 grams (one ounce) per ton, or 68 grams in the two tons" of material found, he said.
An approximate calculation using numbers from the Palestine Remembered website: Total Palestinian population = 1,236150 Safed = 49800, 4%; Acre = 70570, 5.
The other one is specific for horizontal structures, and the first author in [12-14] proposed a number of solutions for its approximate calculation.
2] emissions in energy units equipped with FB boilers an approximate calculation was carried out.
Listed next is the approximate calculation of the amount needed of certain foods to count as one portion.
approximate calculation, but assume immigration ceases completely,