approximate calculation

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So far, the approximate calculation is as follows: 1 cash machine for 5 thousand people , - said the Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Lev Partskhaladze.
36.38) for three types of materials of wires cores and cables (copper, aluminum and steel) used in determining the final temperature [[theta].sub.k] of Joule heating by SC current of the current transmission parts of CCP do not fully describe the features of the process of approximate calculation of the numerical values of the specified integral [B.sub.k] and allowable cross sections [S.sub.lmin] (for example, selecting the amplitude-time parameters (ATPs) for these purposes of periodic and aperiodic components of the SC current, duration [t.sub.kC] of the SC process, etc.).
Our approximate calculation based on the in house preparation of keratin and commercially procured fibronectin reveals that the cost is reduced by approximately 9095%.
"We have prepared an approximate calculation for Qatar's carbon emissions using certified computational methods that take into account total energy production (oil and gas) and consumption of the local population" Asmakh said.
Make sure to keep this mind when considering buying a used car and make an approximate calculation for yourself.
We are unable to obtain its electrical parameters accurately, so in the calculation process metal is used in order to get approximate calculation, so there will be some deviation on its character, but it also illustrates that using metal properties instead of carbon fiber materials in simulation is feasible in practical engineering.
Using Nigam method to calculate ground motion response spectrum, Nigam method is that in all of the computation process without introducing any approximate calculation method, will not produce any truncation and roundoff error and has a high precision, so in the current commonly used this exact solution of Nigam method for general processing seismic engineering earthquake record.
As this is only an approximate calculation, you can always request a more detailed breakdown from your employer if you believe that something has been overlooked.
In the present research, the mass of a black hole was computed on a computer based on Maldacena's theory, and the results were compared with the results obtained by approximate calculation based on conventional superstring theory, which incorporate the quantum gravity effects.
But most of the evaluation methods still use probability recently; so probability is still adopted to assess universal combinatorial coding efficiency by approximate calculation in this paper.
An approximate calculation (shows there were) only 34 grams (one ounce) per ton, or 68 grams in the two tons" of material found, he said.
An approximate calculation using numbers from the Palestine Remembered website: Total Palestinian population = 1,236150 Safed = 49800, 4%; Acre = 70570, 5.7%; Tiberias = 27830, 2.3%; Beisan = 17360, 1.4%; Nazareth = 41930, 3.4%; Haifa = 134430, 10.9%; Jenin = 61210, 5%; Nablus = 94600, 7.7%; Tulkarm = 76860 6.2%; Ramallah = 48930, 4%; Jerusalem = 150750, 12.2%; Hebron = 92820,7.5%; Jaffa = 114130, 9.2%; Ramla = 101440, 8.2%; Gaza = 147000, 11.9%; Beersheba = 6490, 0.5% So if there were 200 seats for electing representatives, then you just double the numbers/percents above to get the seats for each district.