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The sales of Tianqingganmei injections recorded approximately RMB935 million, an increase of approximately 6.5% against the same period last year.
Wachovia operates the fourth largest depository institution in the market, controlling deposits of approximately $379.4 million, which represent 11.2 percent of market deposits.
Approximately, 50 per cent of the tenants will pay rent geared to their income.
Approximately 90 percent of Vredenburg's 300 professional staff hold government security clearances at the secret level or higher and approximately 30 percent hold a top-secret clearance.
A 53-year-old sergeant from Coffee County with 16 years of law enforcement experience arrived at approximately 3:15 p.m.
Operating at a rate of 550 tons per day, the mill processed approximately 170,000 tons of ore in 1989.
Ganlixin injections and capsules sales amounted to approximately RMB22.04 million.
As a result, the annualized dividend yield on the Company's common shares is currently approximately 10.6%.
From Treasury figures cited by AIG, Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York have received a combined positive return of approximately USD 15.1b from their overall USD 182.3b commitment to AIG.
Approximately 6.8 million OE units are estimated to be shipped in 2006 for an increase of nearly 9%, or 560,000 units.
During the first quarter, 156 new leases, aggregating approximately 699,000 s/f were signed at an average annual base rent of $11.25 per square foot and 302 renewal leases, aggregating approximately 1.5 million square feet, were signed at an average ABR of $10.72 per square foot.
The detectors will be [approximately equal to]10 cm diameter wafers with approximately 100 active pixels on each detector.

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