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Key words: cosine operator function, Blackman-type approximation processes, Rogosinski-type approximation processes, modulus of continuity, Fourier series of symmetric functions with respect to [pi].
The first-order saddlepoint approximation (FOSA) presented in [3], is based on the approximation of the limit state function at the most likelihood point in the original (not standard normal) space.
An efficient initial approximation was proposed in [3], although it concentrated on division and square root, it can lead to a solution of inverse square root as well.
The approximation of rough (or fuzzy) sets in fuzzy approximation space give us the fuzzy rough set [9,10,11]; and the approximation of fuzzy sets in crisp approximation space give us the rough fuzzy set [9,10], W.
She was sent a bill on approximation including excessive bill and she could not pay it.
In this work, we propose a new approach to the digitization task, providing a better approximation than uniform Nyquist-based sampling.
Furthermore, in [25], the rough approximations of an interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy set in the classical Pawlak approximation space and the generalized Pawlak approximation space have been presented, respectively.
Bivariate "Cut-Glue" Approximation of Strongly Nonlinear Mathematical Models Based on Experimental Data," SAE Int.
p] approximation theory with the use of the Abel method which is a sequence-to-function transformation.
We provide one method to get a good approximation of the period, and we also provide some guarantees about the quality of the approximation.
Achieving the balance of effective approximation without excessive tension can be difficult when using devices that provide "closed loop" approximation.
Clearly the approximation is too crude to illustrate the appearance of the (m,1#) mode.