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By recessive we understand a case which means 'direction of the Figure from the side of the Ground', thus being semantically opposite of the somewhat more widespread approximative, or directive case ('direction of the Figure towards the Ground').
It is very natural to ask whether the approximative compactness of Banach space is necessary for upper semicontinuity of the set-valued metric generalized inverse [T.sup.[partial derivative]].
However, the conditions for the solution, in general, can only be provided implicitly or by making use of approximative techniques.
where [t.sub.m] = [t.sub.m-1] + h and [x.sub.m] is the approximative value of x(t) at t = [t.sub.m].
His topics are multimedia databases, transform functions, compression, feature extraction, low-dimensional indexing, approximative indexing, high-dimensional indexing, dealing with text databases, statistical supervised machine learning, multimodal fusion, software architecture, and multimedia databases in medicine.
The approximative pretreatment layer thicknesses were calculated utilizing the results of a previous study.
It means that starting point as the modern nation is approximative at the same time.
Particle filters, provide an approximative Bayesian solution to discrete time recursive problem by updating an approximative description of the posterior filtering density [15],
The average number of platelets is multiplied by 20,000 and the platelet count is expressed as lacs/mm3, but this method is approximative and does not give the real number of platelets.
1--How is the application of intensifier adjectives, approximative adjectives and modal words in the speech of male and female executives in radio?
Il declare, par ailleurs, que les candidats ont trouve de nouvelles techniques pour passer les sujets d'examen et beneficier de leur correction approximative, soulignant que les nouvelles technologies ont une grande part de responsabilite dans les tentatives de fraude.
The Table 4.4 presents the approximative throughput of some known pseudo-random number generators.