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The imagines are characterized by the following character combination: Ommateum with setae; antenna with 12 clavola; Wing vein R2+3 absent, squama without setae; mid and hind tibiae with one tibial spur; inferior volsella approximatively triangular, curved apically.
At the global level, they also find that human capital inequality has increased from 1870 to approximatively 1970, then has decreased.
When Darwish's material Palestinian world is approximatively reduced to one of oppression and repression, it becomes fundamentally clear that in order to protect his psyche from becoming oppressed, his imaginative mind must turn to creativity, and thus finds a release center, compensation if you will.
Of the total of the incidents analyzed bomb attacks rise to almost 60%, followed by ambushes with approximatively 11%, remote control attacks 9%, hostages taking 5% and sabotage 5%.
n} with approximatively [micro]n cycles is decomposable.
sales have increased significantly during 2008 to a current level of approximatively $85 million per annum, as the Asheville site continues to increase its production output.
For 10 parallel clients, the performances stabilise (around 18 ms) which is approximatively the time needed for the log flushes during 2pc.
5 months with a 5-year survival of approximatively 6% mainly due to the development of lung, brain and liver metastases (Berd and Mastrangelo, 1995, Bajetta et al.
p(x) is approximatively equivalent to the supremum gradient because it is not possible to define specific weights for the parameters.
5 in (5) corresponds, approximatively, to the common density function in [1, +[infinity][ under the null hypothesis [H.
As discussed above, these two suffixes display approximatively the same productivity according to our procedure, while according to the original Baayen's procedure -trice results as about five times more productive than -(t)ore.