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Due to (6.6), the ratios [[??].sub.N] for r = 1, r = 3 and r [greater than or equal to] 6 ought to be approximatively [2.sup.2/3] [approximately equal to] 1.58, [2.sup.2] = 4 and [2.sup.7/3] [approximately equal to] 5.04, respectively.
Our new results are applied to approximatively compact, convex sets or to Banach spaces with the Oshman property.
It is well known that if closed convex set C is approximatively compact, then [P.sub.c] is upper semicontinuous.
When dam temperature field closes to the quasi-stable temperature field, we can describe approximatively the changes of temperature field within dam body through the changes of temperature outside.
Moreover, the peak-to-peak separation at a scan rate of 10 mV [s.sup.-1] was approximatively 70 mV, indicating a quasi-reversible electron transfer process.
The human intestine hosts a large and diverse microbial community and contains approximatively 400-1000 different species of bacteria, virus, and fungi.
The analysis of the answers shows the respondents that have a high degree of trust in the medical staff consider that the preferred social network does not represent a viable source of information regarding the medical field (approximatively 38% of the respondents).
Figures 17-19 show the pressure profiles, at the centerline of the Venturi meter, with different value of the Ar volume fraction: it is possible to remark how the pressure drop in the convergent nozzle was approximatively the same for all cases, and the difference could be comparable with the uncertainty of the available (existing) meter.
We introduce the effective temperature and show that the effective mass is approximatively the average one in any dimension.
[7] showed the possibility of the morbidity problem could only exist in GM(1,1) when the first item of original sequence was unequal to zero while other items were equal to zero approximatively. Wei [8] resolved the morbidity problem for the grey model with the accumulating method based on the condition number theory.
Approximatively, the bus current [i.sub.dc] is related to the generator currents by (4).
The temperature gradient stress presents randomness and approximatively satisfies the GEV distribution.