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The APSIS is a biological point detection system that uses stored information on harmful pathogens to identify them during DNA analysis.
APSIS can process up to eight arrays in parallel, with each array designed for the simultaneous identification for multiple BWAs, thereby greatly enhancing bio-detection throughput at critical times.
The APSIS prepaid solution is offering: convenient interfacing to billing systems, stand-alone version for non-BSCS customers, high security and fraud prevention, monitoring - of the prepaid accounts with the mobile phone, reload of the prepaid accounts with vouchers via mobile or phone and all-time switching from prepaid to post-paid.
13, 1998--LHS (NASDAQ: LHSG, Neuer Markt, LHI) today announced the appointment of Holger Mackenthun as a Vice President to manage the newly formed APSIS business unit that is marketing value-added applications for GSM mobile operators and E-Commerce providers.
Early March tried to make all in a Group 3 at Chantilly this month, finishing a close third to Apsis and Turtle Bowl.
26, 7:04 Greatest and Least Distances Apsis Distance Diameter Perigee Oct.
ATLANTA and FRANKFURT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 24, 1998--LHS announced today the creation of a new business division to market its APSIS (Application Platform for SIM Card Services) system on a worldwide basis.
APSIS broke the track record in the Prix du Chemin de Fer du Nord at Chantilly after being brought with a perfectly timed challenge by Christophe Soumil-lon, writes Desmond Stoneham.
29, 6:41 Greatest and Least Distances Apsis Distance Diameter Apogee July 3, 5h 404,677 km 29'32" Perigee July 18, 18h 367,865 km 32'29" Apogee July 30, 23h 404,086 km 29'34" Perigee Aug.