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In May, Aptitude announced it would sell Microgen for GBP51 million.
The Aptitude board considers that the benefits to Aptitude of a demerger also apply to Aptitude in the case of the disposal.
The NCAE is administered among students to be able to assess the students' aptitudes and skills and to estimate what field or discipline they can excel in.
"By rebranding into one business, we have created a single operating company to better serve the life sciences industry," said Alexei Rojanets, founder and CEO of Aptitude Health.
The CAF, recognizing this, is tapping into its existing personnel to expand and strengthen its Canadian cyber forces, using a special selection system to test for aptitudes and competencies.
While the government says it will be complementing the mandatory test, there is concern the aptitude test won't be effective in screening drivers who should not be on the road.
* Teaching Aptitude: Teaching aptitude refers to the aptitude for the teaching profession.
Theory # 2: Good faculty development programs coupled with excellent facilities further enhance the technical and entrepreneurial aptitude of students.
Aptitude Software provides revenue recognition software to run the IFRS 15/ASC606 revenue recognition process, calculations and accounting for circa 350 million end subscribers.
The measure will pave the way for a high quality of education in the Philippines by monitoring and regulating the admission of high school students in courses for which they show greater aptitude and potential, said Pangasinan Rep.
"We are looking at and studying having the aptitude test as part of the school's grade to encourage students to improve," said Ms Rajab.
APTITUDE ASSESSMENT APPLICATIONS ATIONS A STRONG tradition of promoting the performing arts, through its annual Eisteddfod Festival, is an esteemed feature of the exciting curriculum at Sutton Coldfield's Fairfax Academy.