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Surprise dramas are aptly named because the narrator calls unknowing campers to the stage to be actors.
Martine Rothblatt explores the same question - "If sex-based differences are irrelevant, then what is the point of saying one is either male or female?" - in a book aptly titled The Apartheid of Sex.
in Hopkinton, MA, and the victim of two recent strike suits, aptly defines them as "meritless class-action suits in which the attorneys rush to the courthouse without any basis in fact."
Owens and aptly selected to showcase poems contributed by forty poets along with fascinating commentaries on their experiences with respect to writing the included poems.
A reverse mortgage is aptly named because the payment stream is reversed.
His soft, precise, and genteel tone aptly conveys the essence of a tragedy redeemed by compassion and respect.
That moment of transformation is the inspiration." Aptly, the piece will be sung by 44 members of the Young People's Chorus of New York City.
Ophir's Florida colleague Steven Phelps suggests that the so-called monogamy gene "might have been more aptly called the social-bonding gene."--S.M.
So, personally I read the website just for the juicy gossip column, the aptly named Eavesdrop section, the remaining tantalising headlines not being accessible.
In view of the situation that now reigns in Hollywood, as you so aptly describe it, The Passion is far above and beyond the values espoused by the personages who grovel in Hollywood.
He has been compared aptly to Berenice Abbott and Eugene Atget, to Weegee and Richard Avedon, Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin.
Secrets Of My heart is his debut anthology and will aptly serve to share his poetic expressions with an appreciative audience of readers nationwide.