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It comes as no surprise to the reader that in part two, aptly (?
Informatively guiding readers through a comprehensive and "user-friendly" survey and study of the diverse treatments, Beating The Blues aptly addresses such issues as of when it becomes appropriate to seek help from a therapist, which therapies are most effective, safer antidepressants which are helpful for differing levels of depression, and the employment of alternative therapies, including stress management, meditation, relaxation, massage, acupuncture, physical exercise, supplements, and more.
His scheme revolves around the aptly named Mystery Cow, who is none other than Smiley Bone in a handsome handmade cow suit.
Aptly, if dramatically, titled "Tragedy, Sunburns & Still-lives," Anton Henning's second exhibit of paintings at Christopher Grimes Gallery meditated on the materiality and intensity of life.
An index rounds out this aptly researched biography, which due to its focus on Weiss' achievements in psychoanlysis is an especially vital contribution to personal and library pscyhology history shelves.
Silverlance is a fantasy adventure novel that is a cut above the norm due to author's deft usage of myth aptly blended with the kind of storytelling that immediately engages the readers attention from the very first page, and then holds it tightly through unexpected twists and turns right down to the final page.
Susan Hough is a research seismologist in one of North America's most active earthquake zones: her title succeeds in aptly communicating the science of earthquake research to a lay audience, injecting a healthy dose of lively history for those with no prior background in the subject.
Aptly researched and presented in plain terms along with color illustrations stylistically reminiscent of ancient egyptian art, Mummies, Pyramids, And Pharaohs is as educational as it is enthralling.
Aptly named by Mayr as Eurotrochilus inexpectatus, which translates as "unexpected European version of a hummingbird" the newly identified species had a long, narrow bill that was more than twice as long as its skull.
Planet Dog, the manufacturer of Earth-and animal-friendly products for canines, has introduced a new line, aptly named Planet Cat.