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AQUA. Water. This word is used in composition, as aquae ductus, &c. 2. It is a rule that water belongs to the land which it covers, when it is stationary: aqua cedit solo. But the owner of running water, or of a water course, cannot stop it the inferior inheritance having a right to the flow: aqua currit et debet currere, ut currere solebat.

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Bonaventura (Ad Claras Aquas, Quaracchi-Roma, 1891) c.
Using the aquas and purples, make 10 section 1's and 10 section 2's from each colorway.
Ad madidas fluvii ripas , ubi populus ingens / alta tegebat aquas, me tulit alma parens.
WATER COLORS >> "Use colors of the local waters and shore: aquas, shades of turquoise, sand colors, driftwood gray, watery greens, some pink, yellow and coral.
They love the blue-grays and the aquas with more blue that are restful, spa-like.
In his work, "HIDROGEOMORFOLOGIA DO BAIXO RIO DOCE, Apostila de apoio," published in Forum das aquas do rio doce, Andre Luiz N.
Trust me you want to experiment with the colours you might have never tried before such as fuchsia pinks, Caribbean green, sunflower yellow, electric blues, deep aquas and breezy blue.
Sandy Casey, sales and marketing director, said: "This show home is really vibrant and inviting, and makes you think of sunny climes, with lots of bright blues, aquas, opulent limes and purples to lift your spirits, whatever the weather outside.
Palazzolo's palette tends toward tertiary hues; aquas, pinks, lavenders, warm siennas, and luminous grays feel like visual equivalents of scents such as those in the bottles.
Body hugging evening dresses in shades of creams included a dash of water colours like blues, aquas and greens.
Bold reds, fresh aquas and zingy limes are grounded by grown-up navy, grey and whites.
The red carpet at the 64th annual awards ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday night featured celebrities from stage and screen in everything from brilliant oranges and bright reds to pale aquas, bold blues and glittering sequins.