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Decreased peripheral vascular resistance during pregnancy can facilitate aqueous humor outflow and decrease in episcleral venous pressure.
Prostaglandin analogs (PGAs) are FPreceptor agonists that reduce IOP by increasing aqueous humor outflow via remodeling of the ciliary muscle extracellular matrix, subsequently increasing uveoscleral outflow (SMITH et al.
A sample size of 2 negative aqueous humor samples in this study is too small to make any definitive conclusions but shows that EBOV does not necessarily persist in aqueous humor in those with cataract but no ongoing intraocular inflammation.
There are many varieties of glaucoma, the most common being open angle glaucoma, in which the angle where the cornea and the iris meet is as wide and open as it should be, but the aqueous humor drainage channels become blocked over time and aqueous humor builds up.
It has also been shown in rabbits that SLT can trigger a release of free radicals into the aqueous humor for a number of days after the procedure [21].
Usefulness of aqueous humor analysis for the diagnosis of posterior uveitis.
Tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) in aqueous humor of patients with cataract.
Medical management of raised IOP often involves a combination of drugs that act to decrease aqueous humor production and increase aqueous humor outflow.
This infinitesimal unit creates a second pathway for the aqueous humor to seep from inside the eye to the outflow vessels, thus lowering pressure.
In this most common form of glaucoma, the angle where the cornea and the iris meet is open, but the aqueous humor fluid passes too slowly through the meshwork drain.
Under normal circumstances aqueous humor is produced at the rate of 2.