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They showed that lignocaine mixed with propofol decreased its pH, resulting in a lower concentration of propofol in the aqueous phase and therefore less pain.
The dispersion of the aqueous phase into small droplets was an important prerequisite for the successful encapsulation of the drug.
Waste from grease collectors (such as food residues, vegetable oils, body care agents) are first separated into a grease phase and an aqueous phase in separating tanks.
As the reaction proceeds in the organic phase, phase transfer of Mn[O.sub.4.sup.-] ion from the aqueous phase occurs through [Q.sup.+], the quaternary ammonium ion.
If the concentration of the extractants is constant and the hydrolysis in the aqueous phase as well as the polymerization in the organic phase occur to a negligible extent only, then the plots will be straight lines and their slopes will give the number of the ligands of the adducts.
"Virent's development of the aqueous phase reforming platform will allow them to target both near-term fuel markets as well as future hydrogen energy systems."
In addition to forming micelles, the surfactant can isolate its hydrophobic groups from the aqueous phase by associating them with the hydrophobic moieties on a polymer.
A water-in-oil-in-water ([W.sub.1]/O/[W.sub.2]) double emulsion is composed of a continuous aqueous phase in which oil globules are dispersed.
Microbial growth is limited to the aqueous phase of the table spreads (Lund et al.).
The tubes were centrifuged for 10 min at 14,000 rpm, and the aqueous phase was transferred to a new tube.
This extractant and the cleaned water then overflow the mixer into a settler, where it separates from the aqueous phase, floats at the surface of the settler, and is drawn off and sent to another mixer.
The transition layer of OHAp to the aqueous phase has been considered to be equivalent to approximately half a unit cell of OCP on the surface of the {00} faces of OHAp.