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The share of arability of the lands will reduce to 51 %, for grasses and grassing of water outlets there are 9.5 % of fields allocated; the area of trees and shrubs will increase to 20.9 % while the growth of the area of complete foresting (286.6 %) and reduction of forage land areas (by 17.7 %).
Nesrin Rihani, Arabic teacher, said that student mainly comes from different job group, which their aim is to increase their Arabic arability to help their trade relation.
In the release, the SEC noted that severe physical effects of climate change, such as severe weather conditions (floods or hurricanes), changes in sea levels, arability of farmland and water quality and availability could affect the company's results of operations.
Consequently, in addition to the fundamental issues of land access and arability, shifts in agricultural policy must account for the location of illegal settlements, the factors that drive them, and potential impacts to the island's already endangered natural resources.