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The divergence, over the past eight to ten years, between average values for arable and grassland and also between average values in England compared with those in Scotland and Wales may present opportunities, continues Lawson.
Speaking ahead of the meeting, Walter Simon, said: "Changes to cross compliance introduced from January 2015, mean that as arable and potato farmers we are no longer able to winter plough and leave land with a rough surface.
5 million decares, or 10% of the total of arable land in the country.
Having seen first-hand the success of the first Cereals Development Programme, NFU combinable crops board chairman Mike Hambly said: "We have had a very high standard of candidates apply so far, but with just a short time left, we want to ensure that anyone with aspirations of working successfully in arable farming is aware of this fantastic opportunity.
Although subsidies have been raised and more state-owned farmland has been put at the farmers' disposal, only in the eastern region of the country, from about 50,000 ha of arable land, as many as 15,000 ha are uncultivated.
The soil would lend itself to a wide range of arable crops and productive grassland.
Values of secondary arable land are expected to fall by 5% to 10%.
Tom added: "We understand that the new purchaser is relatively local and intends to run the farm as the existing arable unit.
Halls' chairman Peter Willcock, who conducted the auction, said: "The price achieved for this farm reflects the scarcity of supply of good quality arable land in the Welsh borderlands area.
The union's new arable, horticulture and cropping committee heard the proposals would be impractical in Wales due to the country's climate and topography.
Of the 113,000 hectares of arable land in the province, 80 percent is rain-fed.
The region has 120 million hectares of arable land, the same size of arable land India has," Karuturi's managing director, Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi was quoted, as saying.