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[Latin, One who attends something to view it as a spectator or witness.] Any person who is given an absolute power to judge and rule on a matter in dispute.

An arbiter is usually chosen or appointed by parties or by a court on their behalf. The decision of an arbiter is made according to the rules of law and Equity. The arbiter is distinguished from the arbitrator, who proceeds at his or her own discretion, so that the decision is made according to the judgment of a reasonable person.An arbiter may perform the same function as an umpire, a person who decides a controversy when arbitrators cannot agree.


Alternative Dispute Resolution; Arbitration.

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n. in some jurisdictions the name for a referee appointed by the court to decide a question and report back to the court which must confirm the arbiter's finding before it is binding on the parties.

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ARBITER. One who, decides without any control. A judge with the most extensive arbitrary powers; an arbitrator.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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And as if it were not enough to have aggrandized the Church, and deprived himself of friends, he, wishing to have the kingdom of Naples, divides it with the King of Spain, and where he was the prime arbiter in Italy he takes an associate, so that the ambitious of that country and the malcontents of his own should have somewhere to shelter; and whereas he could have left in the kingdom his own pensioner as king, he drove him out, to put one there who was able to drive him, Louis, out in turn.
Our cavaliers now arrived at that temple, where Heydegger, the great Arbiter Deliciarum, the great high-priest of pleasure, presides; and, like other heathen priests, imposes on his votaries by the pretended presence of the deity, when in reality no such deity is there.
To a disposition like Holgrave's, at once speculative and active, there is no temptation so great as the opportunity of acquiring empire over the human spirit; nor any idea more seductive to a young man than to become the arbiter of a young girl's destiny.
Her name is Rehema Maria Kimulu and she has been appointed one of the arbiters at the 43rd Chess Olympiad to be held between September 23 to October 7 in Batumi, Georgia.
However, the chairperson, commissioners and labor arbiters of the NLRC are not covered by the increase in retirement and survivorship benefits, " they said.
Jeel Shah, who has an International Chess Federation (Fide) rating of 1764 and seeded 192nd out of 213 players in the tournament, caught the arbiters' attention because of suspicious behaviour during his game against 14-year-old Dushyant Sharma, also of India.
The referees at chess congresses are known as arbiters and they have a demanding job ensuring the playing conditions are up to standard and resolving any issues that arise.
The arbiters need to be reset at each judge before the next comparison starts; so reset circuit (forms by M7 and M8) is utilized in its core.
When 2013 volumes are considered, the arbiters decision would have meant additional monthly revenues of more than P100 million, Esrellado said.
Since journalists stopped being the sole arbiters of the award in 2010 when FIFA FA F assumed control, the only people to win the award are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
According to, Dickie Arbiters' book will give a "behind the scenes" look at the palace's goings-on during its "most turbulent" age in the history of the British monarchy's realm, which Arbiter called as "the most sensational and -salacious royal stories."