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Our cavaliers now arrived at that temple, where Heydegger, the great Arbiter Deliciarum, the great high-priest of pleasure, presides; and, like other heathen priests, imposes on his votaries by the pretended presence of the deity, when in reality no such deity is there.
To a disposition like Holgrave's, at once speculative and active, there is no temptation so great as the opportunity of acquiring empire over the human spirit; nor any idea more seductive to a young man than to become the arbiter of a young girl's destiny.
s tariff hike petition based on recommendations of international arbiters, preferring to wait for the arbiters' decision on a similar case involving Manila Water Co.
Since journalists stopped being the sole arbiters of the award in 2010 when FIFA FA F assumed control, the only people to win the award are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
He said the number of cases being filed in a Regional Branch or the NLRC may increase or decrease for whatever reasons including economic ones, to an extent that would impact on the case load of the Labor Arbiters or Commission Attorneys assigned thereat and ultimately on the expeditious disposition of cases and the quality of decisions.
au, Dickie Arbiters' book will give a "behind the scenes" look at the palace's goings-on during its "most turbulent" age in the history of the British monarchy's realm, which Arbiter called as "the most sensational and -salacious royal stories.
TAKE MATCH CLOCKS OFF BUSY ARBITERS I have been on the Fifa website to check the laws on adding additional time and won't bore you with all the details but one thing which isn't among the rules is: a referee can close his eyes, pick a number at random - but usually three or four - and make it up as he wants.
It should take into consideration an international experience and should mediate into the activity of arbiters
Among subjects to be discussed today is a report on the first meeting held at the beginning of August, 2013, as well as reports from the arbiters on the participating researches this year, and preparing final report for the award.
The fifth installment of the series, released in October, reveals a shift in Catholic opinion towards valuing the individual conscience in moral decision making, and away from dependence on church leaders as moral arbiters on issues like abortion, contraception, sex outside of marriage and homosexuality, with each of these categories scoring anywhere from five to n points higher in terms of the individual's right to decide what is ethical.
This bill aims to address unjustified and unnecessary contract bundling by increasing transparency, ensuring small-business contracting opportunities, and allowing small-business arbiters to appeal or protest agency bundling decisions.
Meanwhile, the federation is organising a one-week international course for chess arbiters, starting on January 24.