arbitrary and capricious

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Under the arbitrary and capricious standard, we will uphold the district courts decision so long as (1) it is possible to offer a reasoned explanation, based on the evidence, for a particular outcome, (2) the decision is based on a reasonable explanation of relevant plan documents, or (3) the administrator has based its decision on a consideration of the relevant factors that encompass the important aspects of the problem.
The brief was a reply to the appeal by the FSOC June 15 of a lower court decision that held that the FSOC designation of MetLife was arbitrary and capricious.
The current proposal is arbitrary and capricious because it fails to address the problems presented by unethical tax return preparers, runs counter to evidence presented to the IRS and will create market confusion.
16) Agency action is arbitrary and capricious when, for example, the agency relied on considerations irrelevant to the statute, failed to consider a significant aspect of the problem, or failed to reasonably explain why it made the choices embodied in the regulation.
Hibbard did not suffer from autonomic neuropathy, in essence making the decision arbitrary and capricious.
Prior to any de novo consideration of whether a Notice's determination is correct, a court must conduct a distinct inquiry as to whether the Notice itself is an arbitrary and capricious agency action.
The court held that an MSHA district manager has broad discretion to disapprove a mine operator's proposed ventilation plan for an underground coal mine, and may do so as long as the decision is not arbitrary and capricious.
Chief Gemme said the judge's dismissal found that his decision on the initial restriction on the license was not arbitrary and capricious as applied to Mr.
We will avail of all our legal remedies to contest this arbitrary and capricious order by the judge," said lawyer Nonnatus Chua, counsel for SCP.
If the facts were wrong, the arbitrary and capricious standard doesn't apply.
The entire process seems to me to be arbitrary and capricious.
Hochman, the firm's founding partner, claims that ECB is acting in an arbitrary and capricious manner by refusing to consider the reasonable excuses offered by small property and business owners for accidentally missing hearing dates and thereby defaulting on ECB violations.