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The court held that an arbitration agreement could not be incorporated by reference unless the contract contained clear and unambiguous language to demonstrate that the parties intended to arbitrate.
The ACCC has a role under Part IIIA to arbitrate access disputes where a service has been declared.
The Court took note of the fact that [section]4 of the Federal Arbitration Act requires a court to order the parties to arbitrate "upon being satisfied that the making of the agreement to arbitrate .
2- The documents did not include a specific Power of Attorney from the Respondent to the consultant to agree to arbitrate on his behalf.
Hank Johnson, a Georgia Democrat, , would make any predispute agreement to arbitrate unenforceable as a matter of law.
2 : to refer a dispute to others for settlement <Since we couldn't agree, we decided to arbitrate our differences.
FIFA's legal team are mulling over whether the governing body of world football should step in and arbitrate in the Carlos Tevez affair.
Either the taxpayer or Appeals may submit a request to arbitrate after consulting with the other party.
In what it called "an issue of significance in higher education labor relations," the court cited the ambiguous language in the district's collective-bargaining agreement and the fact that the district had virtually never refused to arbitrate a faculty grievance between 1982 and 2000.
Building owners and managers and cleaning contractors with employees governed by the labor contracts between the Realty Advisory Board and either Local 32B-32J, SEIU (residential, commercial or cleaning contractor agreements) or Local 94, IUOE, should be aware that there is a provision in those contracts that requires employees to file a grievance with the union and arbitrate any employment discrimination clams they have against the employer rather than filing such claims in court.
The Congress asked GAO to examine (1) the circumstances under which NASD and NYSE will arbitrate employment and employment discrimination disputes, and their procedures for selecting and evaluating their arbitrators; (2) the characteristics and outcomes of arbitrated employment and employment discrimination disputes at NASD and NYSE over the last 10 years; and (3) how SEC oversees the arbitration programs at NASD and NYSE and the results of these oversight activities.