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For instance, it was drafted in the first person, making it unclear whether the company was also bound to arbitrate disputes.
At any rate, upon learning of the NYSE arbitration filing, James' counsel sent a letter to Saldukas' counsel disputing Saldukas' and Stesal's right to arbitration, stating in part that no agreement to arbitrate this or similar claims had ever been executed.
The agreement should be completed within four weeks after the taxpayer has been notified that the request to arbitrate has been approved.
For example, it emphasized that only once in the prior two decades had the district refused to arbitrate a grievance, and that was when the district claimed the matter was actually an unfair labor practice charge that must be handled by the state Public Employment Relations Board.
Estoppel: Where the nonsignatory has availed itself of the benefits of the agreement containing the arbitration clause, it generally will be required to arbitrate under that agreement.
The defendants moved to dismiss the lawsuit on the basis that the women had agreed to arbitrate their claims.
And in an opinion that echoes the reasoning of both federal circuit decisions, the Court of Appeals of Ohio found an arbitration agreement unenforceable because the employer had given employees nothing in return for their agreement to arbitrate employment claims, and employees had merely acknowledged receipt of documents containing the agreement.
16] Upon being served with a lawsuit, a party seeking to enforce its right to arbitrate should promptly file a motion to compel arbitration and stay litigation[17] or a motion to dismiss.
The bank has tentatively agreed to settle claims that it had illegally colluded with other banks to require credit card holders to arbitrate disputes.
Perhaps the governors have the advantage of coming from outside the capital's hothouse atmosphere, like a third party stepping in to arbitrate a dispute.
The women had signed a U-4 form requiring them "to arbitrate any dispute, claims, or controversy that .
Allegedly as a result of this performance failure by KPMG, the buyer was forced to arbitrate a price dispute.