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Robert Kirchner, who heads the council representing Atlas' pilots, said he expected Nicolau to reject straight bargaining in favor of an arbitrated settlement.
The limits of disputes being arbitrated by the SECP as prescribed under the rules were quite nominal, so majority of the disputes did not fall within the jurisdiction of the committees.
Based on the above, the cassation precedents issued by Abu Dhabi Cassation Court and the Federal Supreme Court confirm that where the Abu Dhabi Lease Law is applicable to a given rental dispute, the dispute may not be arbitrated and must be referred to the Rental Disputes Committee.
If a party wants to ensure that any disputes under an agreement will be arbitrated, then it is also important to have a solid, well-written, enforceable arbitration clause.
440 (2006), contended that his claim should not have to be arbitrated notwithstanding his having entered into a contract with an arbitration clause.
Lawyers for the defendants claim they would like the case arbitrated for two reasons: to avoid disclosing compensation information of Kleiner executives and to spare Pao embarrassment.
In the contract, there is an arbitration clause stating that any disputes arising from the contract would be arbitrated in accordance with Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Regulation.
"It's unclear that courts would be ready for the increased burden of suits that wouldn't be arbitrated if the Arbitration Fairness Act passed," says Greg Valenza of Shaw Valenza.
The architect sought to invoke the arbitration clause and require that the dispute be arbitrated instead of litigated in court.
Later, in Green Tree, the Court stated that "we have recognized that federal statutory claims can be appropriately resolved through arbitration, and we have enforced agreements to arbitrate that involve such claims." (38) The Court further explained that "even claims arising under a statute designed to further important social policies may be arbitrated....
On appeal, the Arkansas Supreme Court affirmed that additional claims that should have been arbitrated are deemed arbitrated.
Additionally, expanders enable SAS storage solutions comparable to fiber channel arbitrated loop with many of the performance characteristics of fiber channel switch implementations, but at a lower cost.