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440 (2006), contended that his claim should not have to be arbitrated notwithstanding his having entered into a contract with an arbitration clause.
And the college could have arbitrated or paid the "relatively small amount of money involved" at a much lower expense than litigation, she said.
During the process, it was verified that Agilent's 4 Gb/s SAN tester successfully coexists with the Hitachi drive in the FC arbitrated loop.
Over the last 10 years, 261 (17 percent) of the 1,546 employment disputes arbitrated at NASD or NYSE included a discrimination claim.
If someone pirates your patented software and your contract with that person requires disputes to be arbitrated, you will be at a significant disadvantage.
Theoretical work by Farber and Katz (1979) shows that differences between negotiated and arbitrated settlements arise under interest arbitration because of uncertainty about arbitrator awards and because of differences in the relative bargaining power and risk preferences of the parties.
Each biography contains information on profession, education, professional certification, experience on permanent panels, arbitrated issues, arbitrated industries, address and telephone number.
The court further reasoned that the arbitration agreement did not adequately inform the plaintiff, who did not have the sophistication to interpret legal documents, that statutory claims were required to be arbitrated.
When coupled with the VSC7147 2Gb/s Fibre Channel Hex PBC or the VSC7192 12-Channel Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop Switch, the VSC120 can disconnect a disk drive from the loop, perform diagnostics, and report status to the host without interrupting data flow to other resources within the enclosure.
On appeal, the Fifth District Court of Appeal reversed, holding that the wrongful death action had to be arbitrated "in accord with the arbitration provision of the contract.