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It could be argued that at least some of the concerns expressed in many quarters as to circumstances affecting the independence or impartiality of arbitrators, are simply an unavoidable consequence of the ad hoc nature of international arbitration and of the way in which the international legal market functions.
Board member Richard Tanner, who chaired a Program Evaluation Committee subcommittee that reviewed the program, said it needs more publicity so both lawyers and clients know about it, and needs more lawyers to volunteer as arbitrators.
The names are chosen from the Roster of Neutrals, a list of arbitrators maintained by AAA.
primarily in the way party-appointed arbitrators are treated as neutral, impartial, and independent arbitrators.
A reputation for objectivity and fair-mindedness makes CPAs excellent candidates to become arbitrators.
We knew because of something called "arbitral immunity," which is a protection afforded to arbitrators under both federal common law (the legal precedent created by appellate court opinions) and under the statutory or common law of most every state that has considered the topic.
Of those arbitrators who joined the roster in 2016, 14% were African-American and 33% were women (in 2015, 4% were African-American and 26% were women).
The ICC UAE national committee has been active in promoting and training arbitrators, and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators' branch in Dubai has grown to become the fourth largest worldwide and been extremely successful in training and developing arbitrators both in the UAE and the region.
5) There, although there was no evidence of actual bias on the part of the arbitrator, Justice Black stated "we can perceive no way in which the effectiveness of the arbitration process will be hampered by the simple requirement that arbitrators disclose to the parties any dealings that might create an impression of possible bias.
Challenges and Recusals of Judges and Arbitrators in International Courts and Tribunals
Arbitrator bias becomes particularly tricky when arbitration agreements require a "panel" containing two party-appointed arbitrators who then select a neutral umpire.