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This gravitational disturbance travels through the arcs at the right speed to be associated with Galatea, she says.
By following their rigorous and independent certification process, we now are able to provide customers with BDTI verified data that clearly shows the efficiency of the ARC Video Subsystem for H.
Typical luminous arcs, often as much as 300,000 light-years in extent, are blue, reflecting the color of the background galaxy (SN: 1/17/87, p.
Broadcom Corporation -- Broadcom previously announced it has signed a multi-year, comprehensive licensing agreement with ARC to develop leading-edge system-on-chips (SoCs) for high-growth consumer applications.
In addition, ARC faces both local and national competition due to its military focus, competing against a number of CCRCs in the primary market area, two of which are military focused.
Held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, keynotes for the first day of ConfigCon Silicon Valley from Toshiba, TSMC North America, Cadence Design Systems, the University of Edinburgh, and ARC International detailed the technology wave building behind configurable CPUs to a standing room only audience.
The ARC 750D configurable RISC core includes features such as a high performance 7 stage pipeline, dynamic branch prediction unit and a memory management unit for Embedded Linux and other high-end operating systems.
Multiple configurations of ARC's award-winning 128-bit SIMD processors are capable of handling a variety of media operations such as deblock filters, pixel transforms, and audio processing in the ARC VRaptor Media Architecture.
Upon closing of the transaction, NLASCO will operate as an independent wholly owned subsidiary of ARC, and the Company plans to retain NLASCO's current management team and operational infrastructure at its existing location in Waco, Texas.
The ARC Player Subsystem provides a compelling, low cost migration option for manufacturers by offering configurable 32-bit processing and multi-standard audio and video support.
Designers have the freedom to retain necessary functionality while removing unneeded features in a configurable ARC subsystem or processor.