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MINUTE, measures. In divisions of the circle or angular measures, a minute is equal to sixty seconds, or one sixtieth part of a degree.
     2. In the computation of time, a minute is equal to sixty seconds, or the sixtieth part of an hour. Vide Measure.

MINUTE, practice. A memorandum of what takes place in court; made by authority of the court. From these minutes the record is afterwards made up.
     2. Toullier says, they are so called because the writing in which they were originally, was small, that the word is derived, from the Latin minuta, (scriptura) in opposition to copies which were delivered to the parties, and which were always written in a larger hand. 8 Toull. n. 413.
     3. Minutes are not considered as any part of the record. 1 Ohio R. 268. See 23 Pick. R. 184.

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Only 2 arc minutes further north the galaxy NGC 7336 could at best be only another fleck of light.
6 alpha Columbae, which could be seen as the eye of the starry dove, is situated just 38 arc minutes to the west of the00000000000000 open cluster NGC 2061.
Between the fins of the heavenly fish, the galaxy NGC 1672 can be seen, just 30 arc minutes north of magnitude 5.
Only 16 arc minutes to the south, and in the shadow of next-door neighbour alpha Grus, we find the elliptical galaxy NGC 7213.
The small group, Pismis 8, is situated only 28 arc minutes east of NGC 2645.
Take a moment to glance at u Antliae, situated 50 arc minutes north of the constellation Vela, more or less midway along the southern Antlia border.
NGC 2658, situated only 35 arc minutes north of alpha Pyxidis, contains about a dozen faint stars with some unresolved dust, indicating more members.
The edge-on galaxy NGC 3620 is situated just 32 arc minutes north of IC 2631 and 32 arc minutes off the border with the Carina constellation.
The lovely outstanding yellow double star Zeta (1) and (2) is situated in the far western part of the constellation, only 25 arc minutes from the border with Horologium.