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About Arcanum Technology Arcanum Technology provides an innovative and cost-effective authentication solution that helps financial services organizations, banks and online merchants create a safe and secure business environment for their customers.
Building on a foundation of broad experience and deep expertise, Arcanum also offers risk assessment, decision support, investment evaluation, and advisory support services to both governmental and corporate clients on an international level.
The possibility of peace on earth, healing for Liberia, flashes in the arcanum of Communion, of Eucharist.
Bible quotations are from the King James Version, cited from BibliaTeka CD-ROM: A bibliatudomany elektronikus konyvtara (Budapest: Arcanum, n.
They're nearing the climax of a threeweek European tour, promoting Eskelin's new Arcanum Moderne album.
Pete Thornley is not short of ideas and judging from visitor comments, his exhibition Arcanum at Floor One at the Rugby Art Gallery, Museum and Library was well liked.
because, "when Mr Scott's work appeared their arcanum was laid
Preliminary studies of the structural and physical properties of a batch of five hundred ruby spheres which were purchased by the ACA and IUCr from the Arcanum Corporation, (#) Michigan, indicated these spheres to be stable, relatively homogeneous, easy to handle, and safe to use.
TROIKA Games, makers of Arcanum, have announced a competition on their website, www.
ARGANVS, which is the Roman spelling of the Latin world Arcanum, meaning sacred, secret or trustworthy, issues digital certificates and software tools to notaries who then become known as CryptoNotaries.
Last Things, in the end, reveals the dark possibilities of this discovery process; the novel is propelled by the fear that although we are decoding the cosmic arcanum at an unprecedented rate, we may be too late to save ourselves.
But in addition to perceiving his daily routine in hermitic terms, he also sees what he does in a Hermetic context, as if he were an alchemist from ages past transmuting base metals into gold, searching for the fabled lapis philosophorum, pursuing that elusive arcanum.