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Aline Kalbian in Sexing the Church provides an excellent study of the Roman Catholic engagement with gender complementarity that began in the late nineteenth century with Pope Leo XIII's encyclicals Arcanum Divinae Sapientiae and Rerum Novarum.
ARCANUM A A secret, mystery B Grand meeting, convection C Structure of wedge-shaped stones who am I?
LEON XIII, Arcanum, 10-11-1880, AAS 12 [1879-1880] 385-402).
One of my favorites is Arcanum, a lifestyle boutique and interior design studio co-owned by alumnus Sim Harvey.
The result was the impressive glass mural Arcanum XIX, Paradise Gained, measuring 1.
Gee (2003), in his book, argued that commercial video games such as Deus Ex and Arcanum engaged players in reflective practice, complex problem solving and critical learning.
In the running this year are Big Figure, North East Girls, Leah Marie, RMXS, Courtney Hadwin, Northern Fire, Gemma Abley, Sophie Leigh, When All Else Fails, Open Doors, Arcanum, None Of The Above, Prysm and Terri Ann and the prize package on offer for the eventual winner includes a full day's recording at Broadwater Recording Studios, press coverage, magazine interviews and radio airplay.
Pero si decimos que es indecible, no hablamos, colocamos esa experiencia en una region que ha sido definida ajustadamente por el filosofo italiano Giorgio Agamben como repeticion anclada en el propio arcanum nazi.
Arcanum "il fauno" 2010 (At a restaurant in Charleston S.
The Word is the Universal love which entwines them" (Lamp of Marvels 78), "The concept of the Demiurge is found in aesthetics as in theology" (Lamp of Marvels 79), "The Demiurge, arcanum of life, seals the Idea of Future" (Lamp of Marvels 89), "the fatal geometric law which the Demiurge imposed on clay" (Lamp of Marvels 135), "the Demiurge [is symbolized] in the universality of form" (Lamp of Marvels 137).