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13 These findings and the results of our study may suggest that beyond the arch length analysis, the sum of mesio-distal widths of the teeth and the length of apical base should be considered in the formulation of the orthodontic treatment plan, especially in borderline cases where there may be an element of doubt about extraction of permanent teeth.
Her arch length spans 1,650 feet and reaches a height of 440 feet," the guide tells us over radio headsets.
Particularly intriguing is Nike's new Ngage digital system, which in less than a second gives you the exact length, width, arch length and height and heel width of your foot.
5 Anomalies in lateral incisor size may lead to disturbances in upper and lower arch length and occlusion and may also cause aesthetic and psychological issues.
The patient had tooth size arch length discrepancy (TSALD) and according to Bolton analysis there was mandibular anterior tooth material excess.
What is the treatment of choice for a preadolescent patient with arch length deficiency?
1997), as well as numerous internal measures such as pharyngeal arch length (Fickling and Lee, 1981; McIntyre and Ward, 1986; Radke et.
9 Leveling of the excessive curve of Spee inevitably increases arch length as this leads to incisor protrusion unless molars are moved distally, which is difficult.
An unerupted first permanent molar may drift mesialy within the alveolar bone resulting in a loss of arch length and possible impaction of the second premolar.
Arch length discrepancy problems have been a longstanding clinical dilemma facing most dentists who treat children.