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Relationship between dental arch width and vertical facial morphology in untreated adults.
A high degree of correspondence has been found between visual, anthropometric and photometric measurements used to measure the bizygomatic and bigonial arch widths.
A longitudinal study of the growth and development of the dental arch width from childhood to adolescence in Japanese.
Arch width was measured as the distance from the cusp tip of one tooth to the cusp tip of the contralateral tooth, the inter-incisor width was measured from the distal contact point of the lateral incisor on one side to the distal contact point of the lateral incisor on the contralateral side [Bishara et al.
The effect of sucking habits, cohort, sex, intercanine arch widths, and breast or bottle feeding on posterior crossbite in Norwegian and Swedish 3-year-old children.
1 Crowding of the dentition is usually attributed to discrepancies in tooth size and arch length and arch width.
An experimental study of arch perimeter and arch width increase with mandibular expansion: a finite element method.
In this study, it was concluded that the upper dental arch width among the nasal breathing group was significantly bigger than in the oral breathing group.
Hence, it may be suggested that orthodontic plaster models, photocopies and digitized images of the models are suitable reproductions for taking measurements of the anterior and posterior dental arch width.
3,4,5 Ricketts reported strong correlation between facial type and dental arch width.
5 In the ideal dental arch, he concluded that the ratio of combined incisor width to transverse arch width was 0.
Maxillary and mandibular anterior crown width/height ratio and its relation to various arch perimeters, arch length, and arch width groups.