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And then one may also find a more precise stylistic--and iconographical--identity for the much later but somehow archaistic and hardly less refined painting of the Bodhgaya-Sakyamuni no.
In an influential article, Eric Stanley (1969) drew attention to the archaic, and possibly archaistic, spellings of La3amon, which survive in the Caligula version.
The first statue, a young athlete of Polykleitan ponderation, but of slender shape and archaistic hair(28), combined the styles of different periods for an ensemble the author of Rhetorica ad Herennium would not have disowned, he who went so far as to imagine that a work could have at once a head worthy of Myron, the arms of a statue of Praxiteles, and the torso of one of Polykleitos.
above rule, but also how this archaistic maxim might still apply today:
By way of contrast, Marshall Grant and Douglas Moffat, in a joint study of the verbal prefix to-, show that here Laghamon's usage was evidently archaistic, part of his method of evoking the Anglo-Saxon past.
The volume winds up with 'The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere' of 1798, displaying the rather tawdry archaistic spelling and diction of its first appearance, when it was the leading poem of the collection.