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ARCHBISHOP, eccl. law. The chief of the clergy of a whole province. He has the, inspection of the bishops of that province, as well as of the inferior clergy, and may deprive them on notorious cause. The archbishop has also his own diocese, in which he exercises, episcopal jurisdiction, as in his province he exercises archiepiscopal authority. 1 Bl. Com. 380; L. Raym. 541; Code, 1, 2.

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Representatives of the Orthodox Archbishopric of Ohrid alleged that, on May 1 2005, an Easter service held in a private residence was interrupted by police, who entered without a warrant and asked to see believers' national identification cards.
As this quotation shows, Gerald was committed to establishing St David's as an archbishopric and releasing the Welsh church from its subordination to Canterbury.
Representatives of the "Orthodox Archbishopric of Ohrid" said that a number of their members or sympathizers suffered from discrimination during the reporting period.
It also incorporates relics from the Armenian Archbishopric in Cyprus.
On 11 June 2013, the Embassy of the Russian Federation hosted a reception on the occasion of the Day of Russia, attended by Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov, Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, His Beatitude Archbishop Stefan, Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church-Ohrid Archbishopric, Apostolic Exarch Dr.
Father Mikhail of the Fayoum Archbishopric said : "The fight was subdued at once by neighbours at the village, and the church was not attacked or damaged.
In fact, they approve of an additional expense of having another archbishopric in Cardiff.
The Bulgarian Orthodox Church expects Monday guests from the Ecumenical Church, from the Churches of Moscow, Serbia, Romania, Georgia, Alexandria, Greece, Poland, Albania, Cyprus, and the Czech Archbishopric.
The last few days there are large tensions in the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MPC)--Ohrid archbishopric, Toni Angelovski comments for Vreme.
Separately, the patriarch visited yesterday the Maronite Archbishopric of Zahle, where he was received by Archbishop Mansour Hobeika.
Earlier in the day, he will meet with interfaith leaders at Archbishop Chrysostomos II office at the Archbishopric
in Rmeil near the Maronite Archbishopric of Ashrafieh.