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DIOCESE, eccl. law. The district over which a bishop exercises his spiritual functions. 1 B1. Com. 111.

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Lazo, 69, a native of Antique province, will be the 13th archbishop of Jaro, one of the largest archdioceses in the Philippines.
Additionally, more than 500 pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Chicago will join Catholics from dioceses across the county at the National March for Life Friday, Jan.
Although enrollment in the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program has ended, the archdiocese said claims remained to be processed and that final outcomes in the claims will be made in the coming months.
Although religious non-profits are generally tax-exempt, the archdiocese may have run afoul of the state tax code because it is buying monuments and private mausoleums for the purpose of making a profit and in direct competition with private corporations, the lawsuit claims.
Principal Mike Kennedy said: "As well as being very proud of our Catholic roots, we value our close links with the international family of Edmund Rice Schools and our good relationship with the Archdiocese, and we want both of these to continue as before.
In a statement, Archbishop Charles Chaput said he made the decisions he felt were "right and just" after the allegations against Gaspar and Gallagher were investigated and reviewed by an archdiocese board.
In a message to the archdiocese, he said he was "so sorry" for everyone caught up in the recent turmoil in the Church in Scotland.
At the dinner, Metropolitan Philip Saliba decorated the co-founder of Al-Kafaat, Nadim Shwairy, with the Antonian Gold Medal -- the highest honor granted by the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America.
However, my sadness at leaving is tempered by the prospect of returning to my roots in south London and going home to the Archdiocese in which I was born and for which I was ordained a priest in 1972.
The Archdiocese took a lead in developing tertiary provision when, in 1987, St David's College was established to provide post-16 Catholic education.
So, Chaskes, Carlson, Spritzer & Ghio decided it needed to depose Archbishop Raymond Burke in order to clarify if the archdiocese was, in fact, simply trying to cover up cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.