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The diversity of archetypes is limitless, yet there are classic archetypal energies that naturally emerge through rites of passage such as birth, menses, marriage, promotion, loss, or death.
Keywords: Archetypes conscious mind unconscious archetypal behaviour conflict disequilibrium and individuation.
Joseph Man, who becomes so caught up in the magnetic pull of the Trickster that he literally starts to 'go gonzo,' must find a way to exorcise this unwelcome archetypal invader before his real identity, and the love of his life, are lost forever.
It is important to define Carl Jung's main idea that formed the basis of Jungian archetypal criticism before commencing a survey of such literary critical ideas and Northrop Frye's place in this tradition.
The researchers noted that understanding a person's archetypal life themes may be useful in planning targeted communications, from artwork to public health messages and advertising.
If Mr Griffiths is still searching for a nation to define the archetypal "undemocratic state", might I suggest the United States of America?
4) The kabbalistic portrait of archetypal woman refers equally to the feminine parts of real women and the feminine parts of men.
Certain expectations to look a certain way and live up to specific social and cultural ideologies, particularly with respect to archetypal masculine bodies, have been imposed on males.
Watkins creates a figure, Paul, a senior sales manager negotiating to take on the role of vice president of sales, and builds the book around his archetypal experiences.
Moon teaches the friend to live in the wilderness, makes friends with the bully, and hides out in a junkyard courtesy of archetypal rednecks with hearts of gold.
Moreover, reading these lyrical Tales keeps us always moving between, as if the text itself were in motion, defying genres while embracing the range between the local, the ambiguous, and the idiosyncratic, on the one hand, and the broad, the archetypal, and the parabolic, on the other hand.
Sherbourne was the archetypal Warwickshire village - a serene haven in the lush Avon plain where the only sounds to disturb the peace were the murmuring of doves and the gentle tearing of grass by cows on the pasture - and maybe, the twitter of bats at dusk.