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The first full-length literary criticism that uses Jungian concepts in the study of literature is Maud Bodkin's Archetypal Patterns in Poetry (1934) which demonstrated the author's interest in the way in which ancient symbolism is replicated in works across a long period of time.
Archetypal life themes may be used not only to predict personal preferences, but also how we interact socially with others through our interests, and how we identify with archetypal characters," they said.
The types of discourse the commentators use is analysed along with the images that highlight hypermuscular ideals and reflect certain archetypal representations of the masculine male body.
However, Gervitz's search is not of this world, and the pervasive, boundless--albeit quiet--sorrow in the poem suggests an irreparable loss we all share and express through Christian, Jewish, or pagan invocations, among others: the loss of unity with nature, with the archetypal mother.
Most of the population lives in a Mediterranean central belt and the vernacular architecture of this region reflects the archetypal practice of mediating between interior and exterior domains, with buildings traditionally organised around cool patio courtyards and wide, covered verandas.
Webber provides a complete history of Harryhausen's cinematic work that rises to the level of archetypal scholarship, including an informative perspective on the paleontological accuracy of the saurians from a contemporary perspective given the advances of paleontology over the past few decades.
The archetypal strong, black grandmother shows what a force such a figure can be in a child's and, eventually, a woman's life.
While blaxploitation pictures ruled the urban grindhouses, providing heroes and myths for those trapped in the inner cities," he writes, "hick flicks dominated the drive-in circuit, bringing their own set of archetypal figures to flyover country.
There have been three archetypal Giselles of the 20th century: Olga Spessivtseva, Galina Ulanova, and Markova.
Lynn, who also serves on TEI's Executive Committee, is the archetypal TEI member, someone who is continually giving back to the tax community and thereby enriching the TEI network.
Cute kitties are not your archetypal heroes, but Blinx returns for yet more time-reversing trips through devilishly designed levels.
The satirical American cartoon, based on the archetypal dysfunctional family, has unexpectedly achieved what teachers and parents have long failed to do.