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Ms Barwise, representing survivors and the bereaved, said: "Since the turn of the century fires involving external cladding systems have become the archetypal form of mass fire disaster.
In chapter two Spevack sketches out in detail his argument for the contours of the archetypal scholar.
The diversity of archetypes is limitless, yet there are classic archetypal energies that naturally emerge through rites of passage such as birth, menses, marriage, promotion, loss, or death.
Keywords: Archetypes conscious mind unconscious archetypal behaviour conflict disequilibrium and individuation.
Joseph Man, who becomes so caught up in the magnetic pull of the Trickster that he literally starts to 'go gonzo,' must find a way to exorcise this unwelcome archetypal invader before his real identity, and the love of his life, are lost forever.
It is important to define Carl Jung's main idea that formed the basis of Jungian archetypal criticism before commencing a survey of such literary critical ideas and Northrop Frye's place in this tradition.
BRITAIN may be going Sherlock crazy at the moment but to fans of a certain age, this may well be the definitive movie about the archetypal sleuth and his faithful sidekick.
So the archetypal, no-nonsense, woman professional is often stamped with the stereotypical "term of endearment" that's too impolite to be printed here.
These archetypal methods include: life-review therapy; ministry of presence; clinical hypnosis; myths, symbols, rituals, and community; creative therapies.
Describing one of her paintings that she had etched when her daughter had filed for divorce, Bopiah said, " It was a difficult period and being a mother, I was trying to preserve her modesty." Drawing a thin line between the archetypal and stereotypical, Fernandes said, " My photographs capture the archetypal images of Goan theatre, and the emotional experience that I had when I was taking them." Elaborating on his understanding of " retrieval", Alex said, " My parents are Goan, but I spent my childhood in Mumbai.
"Such findings offer surprising new evidence for the possible existence of dominant archetypal themes in our lives.
(Daily Post, June 2) I cannot agree with his depiction of the Soviet Union as the archetypal "undemocratic state".