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Jung's own discussions of archetype borrowed language from different fields of study ranging from philosophy and religion to physics and biology and others.
Archetype (13-2) strode away nicely to land the spoils by two and a half lengths from Icespire, with High Acclaim a nose away in third.
Guide 3: System archetypes basics: from story to structure describes recurring generic systems structures (distinctive combinations of reinforc ing and balancing processes) found in many kinds of organisations, under many circumstances, and at many levels and scales.
So while your gun shop may be in the same business as the gun shop across town, your archetype can be the distinguishing factor.
The second strongest archetype was 'fulfillment' which was based on the consumer's feeling that the company exceeds expectations and delivers superior service, quality and efficacy.
Yet in my practice, I'm witnessing a revitalized version of the Queen archetype reemerging, as more women are being called to new levels of power.
The universe of the superheroes--that appear and develop in the comic book stories, as an update of the hero archetype, especially in American society under the effects of the Great Depression of the 1920s and 1930s, and the Second World War--has been a source of imaginaries that permeates generations in different cultures and languages, in comic books and video games.
Jody Bower's Jane Eyre's Sisters: How Women Live and Write the Heroine's Story powerfully brings forth the aletis archetype to help women understand their deepest longings for freedom, authenticity, creative expression, and independence.
Waters provides even more suspense and revelations as she returns to the complicated dystopian world that she set up so brilliantly in her debut novel Archetype.
com)-- Archetype Group, a leading multi-disciplinary construction consultancy in Asia, announced today their appointment as Project and Construction Manager for the new prestigious and iconic MahaNakhon Tower in Bangkok.
5 million, non-recourse loan from Archetype Mortgage Capital for the refinance of a 200,000 s/f self-storage facility in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.