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Archetype and Zeno Group will help Zebra bring its marketing vision to life, which includes a deeper engagement with key audiences, integrating PR more centrally into the broader go-to-market approach and offering Zebra's perspective on current trends such as the on-demand economy, intelligent automation and workflow collaboration.
Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the edge of the enterprise with solutions and partners that enable organizations to gain a performance edge, announced today the company has selected Archetype as its PR agency of record in the Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions and Zeno Group as Zebra's agency of record in the Americas.
In Carl Jung's magnum opus 'Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious,' one of the greatest psychologists of the modern era discussed the presence of 'archaic and mythological thought-forms' common across cultures and time.
Once brands know their archetype, they can use those universal qualities in their branding and messaging.
Established in 2014 by three young professionals, Archetype Foundry designs and builds prototypes and product solutions in various areas using sophisticated hardware engineering and latest methods in pronto techniques, including digital fabrication technologies.
The report looks at the providers in the context of these client archetypes:
Its dominant archetype switched from 'identity' to 'indulgence' from 2017 to 2018, highlighting a change in perception to a brand which focuses more on pampering and gratification, said the report.
Archetype said this acquisition helps accelerate the capacity to serve new clients and expand geographically.
Archetype has an established history delivering customised business intelligence and enterprise performance management solutions to our clients.
Jung's oeuvre on archetypes is then examined followed by an exploration of the archetype-as-such and the archetype of the Self through the lens of Patanjali's Classical Yoga as well as the tathagatagarbha texts of Mahayana Buddhism.
Chapters provide information on the core traits of their archetype in different times and in various parts of the world, followed by an idea of what both modern and mythological embodiment might look like and what related personal traits women might possess, such as an interest in crafting reflecting the Weaving Mother.
We conducted a quantitative research to examine brand archetype perceptions of three global brands--Facebook, Apple and Amazon--in four countries--Portugal, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.