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This synthesis, that has become a common-place archetypical reference, finds a renewal in Lipscomb's essay and provides a myth-critical approach to the movies.
We remain connected to our all-caring all-embracing Mother France by the blood of martyrs and by our archetypical role model, the minister added.
She maintained a public library for Jungian studies and archetypical symbolism, now housed in the university's College of Education and known as the Robin Jaqua Archetypal Library.
Georgiades places before us a true archetypical place full of personal codes and riddles.
Author Perri is a clinical psychologist and life coach who here explains how healing takes place through unconscious, archetypical processes.
Paul, the archetypical missionary, sums it up for us in 1 Corinthians 15: ".
Those were my three archetypical types of excellence.
In looks, it's the archetypical, narrow Crwys Road restaurant.
LUCENA CITY -- The police in Quezon province have turned to Facebook, the popular social media platform, to help change the lawmen's archetypical antihero image before the community.
There was something about a tattooed, volatile chef--a father and a guy who lost his way--dealing with the archetypical (food) reviewer that made me stop meditating and write an eight-page outline.
Renowned for his portrayal of archetypical Northern Irish personalities in TV and stage productions, Dan Gordon said: "The Ode is simply our way of having a laugh at what summe r means in Northern Ireland and how the average Harp drinker adapts his take on summer to make sure it's the best possible one for him and his mates; ignore the rain, enjoy the 'sun' - or lack of it, a 'poke' in the cold.
There are two really archetypical alpha-male environments, the military and global cricket .