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Unlike Woolf, yet in common with many other auspicious women artists of the early twentieth century, Larsen's slim literary production would soon be relegated to the outermost fringes of literary history in the half century that followed, the author herself disappearing from the high-profile, mixed-race literary milieu her social ascent had given her access to, (3) vanishing into oblivion following accusations of plagiarism, (4) and returning to the archetypically feminine profession of nursing she had once been so happy to leave behind.
More recent ethnography has emphasized that, on the contrary, even the most archetypically capitalist institutions have a profoundly moral core, and not only in the sense that supply chains (Tsing 2013) and industrial labour regimes (Sanchez 2012; Rajak 2011) often depend on personalized relationships of the kind we usually associate with 'gift' economies.
Portability is the most archetypically Gibsonian of the four mobile affordances because it is often evaluated through visual observation.
Stefan Zweig's lapidary and marvelously crafted story "Mendel the Bibliophile" is an archetypically elegiac exercise in nostalgia for a passing epoch.
Volvo Trucks might be an archetypically Swedish brand, but the firm claims its vehicles are as comfortable operating in the desert as they are amongst their native fjords.
The difference has been fairly archetypically night and day.
Rollo's ambition comes to a head after his Siggy, the former earl's widow, attempts to convince him that Ragnar's fame will soon overshadow his own, in a classically executed instance of "whetting" so ubiquitous to the archetypically ambitious wife in the Icelanders' Sagas.
Another key element of the creation of an archetypically Irish scenario is the characters' use of a "distinctively constructed Hiberno-English dialect" (Pilny 228), to which I will return in my discussion of the Licorne production.
Life insurance is held up by people outside of the industry as an archetypically dull career, but that so critically misses what this line of work is all about.
Overall, the case study building is archetypically representative of much of the existing mid- to high-rise multi-unit residential housing stock constructed from the 1970's through 1990's across North America.
As Wenner notes, the hero is somebody who, archetypically, is born when "they are thrust into situations for which there can be little preparation" (p.
The protagonists are both archetypically mythic and achingly human.