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Alcoa Architectural Products (AAP) manufactures and sells aluminum composite material and painted sheet for use in architectural, corporate identity programs, signage, and the industrial and transportation markets.
Architectural practices are not university departments; on the other hand, university departments are entirely dependent on practice, past and future, to create the buildings which subsequently become the subject of rigorous academic research of a conventional sort.
ROBERT VENTURI, whose seminal Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture of 1966 is credited with returning historical concerns to the forefront of architectural theory and practice after the willful amnesia of modernism, is, it would seem, overcome with anxiety about his own place in history.
In her extended essay on Wren's method of design, Lydia Soo emphasizes Wren's role in the Royal Society as a key to understanding his architectural writings and practice.
AutoCAD Architectural Desktop Integrates Power of AutoCAD, Introduces
PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) broke ground here today on a 22-acre site in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, about 15 miles east of Reno, to build a 95,000-square foot architectural coatings manufacturing facility.
This presents a nice problem for any architectural publication in attempting, on the one hand, to avoid showing what Schoning would think of as 'an endless repetition of solid-state modernist buildings', but on the other conveying architectural intention rather than the streams of consciousness which constitute the buildings' clients and users.
Before the era of CAD, digital renderings and other high-tech tools of the architectural trade, some of New York City's greatest structures were designed, using pens, pencils and most importantly, ingenuity.
Reversing expectations, some of the most sophisticated digital works in the show--animations of three-dimensional architectural models--describe nor unreal landscapes but rather altered renditions of quotidian sites spawned by a globalized information economy.
Trained as an architect, he probes formulations of architectural projection, injecting ideas about practice into the current discourse linking history and theory.
Called Reynobond(R) with Kevlar(R), it is a durable architectural panel system designed to withstand wind-borne debris and wind speeds common in hurricanes up to a Category 3 storm.
With the unrivalled rate of development in China, there is a genuine concern (admittedly from foreign observers) that Chinese architects are yet to find a coherent contemporary architectural identity.

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