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However, others have more appreciation for traditional architectural styles.
Organisations that are embarking on multidomain MDM should realise that, no matter which architectural style they choose, the process requires the management of both simple and complex master data objects.
The villas feature a classic architectural style with touches of Arabesque designs.
A lot of the "black and white" architecture in place today dates to the 19th century revival of the architectural style.
Initial models are inspired by Ireland's Americana style guide, but her Architectural style guide products will also be featured.
RAPTURE "celebrates the fluidity of Frank Gehry's architectural style in motion," says Lafrance, who choreographed and produced the show.
Modernism as an architectural style has existed for over 70 years.
You have restrictive covenants; in some communities that may be the architectural style. In The Village of WestClay, the buildings must be designed to reflect a certain 19th century period and only certain architectural styles are allowed.
The Acklam had the longest bar on Teesside and had more architectural style than the Odeon.
In the case of the physical construction of the University of Chicago campus, for example, the ultimate design resulted from a compromise among competing perspectives on architectural style and building placement.
Each playhouse is constructed just like a real home, fully finished and built entirely on site using materials appropriate to the playhouse's architectural style. Windows and doors are custom-crafted to scale.

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