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Organisations should consult with an experienced enterprise architect to help them decide which architectural style makes the most sense.
NEW LOOK: Artist's impressions of the planned new Gala bingo hall, which will mirror elements of the architectural style of the former Hippodrome theatre, which it will replace as part of the city centre Phoenix Initiative
Andersen A-Series and E-Series/Eagle([R]) windows and doors: the perfect balance of architectural style and imagination in the hands of architects and homeowners.
Now, it is often the case that the architectural style is in direct conflict with the environmental equipment struggling to maintain a livable environment.
Contrary to the commonly held view that much of new Japanese architecture is superficial and stylised, Plantec's work shows how eclecticism in principles of architectural organisation is more potent than eclecticism of architectural style.
We want to offer our ideas on space solutions, great architectural style .
The SoHo firm of Stonehill & Taylor Architects has recently wrapped up work on the new, award-winning headquarters of SI Bank & Trust, bringing their innovative architectural style to Staten Island.
Till Schneider and Michael Schumacher, who both studied in Frankfurt under Pete Cook, say they are crusading for no particular architectural style.
In modernist architectural style, the structural frame of The Luminaria is fully expressed, and all of the voids between the structure are open to light.
The problems of making architecture in this unforgiving context must at times seem insurmountable: how to exploit meagre resources, how to use unskilled labour, how to maximise space and how to develop an architectural style based on the logic of construction which can be copied and introduced to the local vernacular.
The tour is both unique and educational - focusing on an integral perspective of architectural style, landscape design, interior design and furnishings - and is sure to spark diverse discussions as well as help inspire tour participants to build or remodel their own dream homes.
Gesturing to the brand-new, Spanish architectural style College Services Building, Mike Cornner, director of marketing and public relations, said ``Imagine that everywhere you look.

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