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Companies need to determine which architectural style best meets their multidomain MDM requirements.
NEW LOOK: Artist's impressions of the planned new Gala bingo hall, which will mirror elements of the architectural style of the former Hippodrome theatre, which it will replace as part of the city centre Phoenix Initiative
Andersen A-Series and E-Series/Eagle([R]) windows and doors: the perfect balance of architectural style and imagination in the hands of architects and homeowners.
Its oversized pages handily document the highlights of modern architectural style.
However the popularity of western architectural style and the difficulty to find experts in the classical Jeddah style are some of the reasons that made the style gradually disappear.
He viewed the Architectural style of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque which is derived from the Omani and Islamic architectural design.
Director of Hama Antiquities Department Jamal Ramadan said that the temple was built near a spring with a distinguished architectural style and a very huge size, adding that it was built of 210-centimeters long and 170-cenetimeters wide stones inscribed from their internal side.
The temples don't have any particular architectural style but constitute certain patterns and styles integrated from various regions of eastern India.
Over the last two years, our office produced a building design that is both original and creative, capturing the nostalgia apparent in Jones Beach's distinct architectural style, while embodying the State's requirements for the historic aspects of Jones Beach," said Relf, principal of the firm.
Highly recommended for any fan of Manhattan or urban architectural style.
From the beginning of her architectural career, Hadid's dazzling and dynamic architectural style has been the subject of a wide variety of publications.
Through both architectural style and service, we allow those in a high-end situation to maintain their prior lifestyle--and, for those who didn't have that, they sure are enjoying it now.

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