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1800~s built architecturally and historically prestigious school building renovation rakenneisuunnittelu.
It really represents a timeline of how the Valley developed architecturally.
Data center managers and storage administrators know that they get a highly scalable, compelling, and architecturally sound storage environment when pairing Hitachi TagmaStore storage systems with our state-of-the-art technology," said Tom Buiocchi, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Brocade.
With a run down, antiquated school building that's poorly built (not to mention architecturally uninteresting), the problems are obvious.
Cooper Lighting's Sure-Lites[R] UX "Ultimate Exit" sign combines the strength and durability of die-cast aluminum with architecturally pleasing aesthetics.
Our aim is to provide high quality housing, which is both unique and architecturally stimulating, " said Mr Davies.
Neither of those rusted river bridges is architecturally significant.
We are honored to be able to make a contribution to this underserved community and the City of Chicago by helping to create an architecturally significant design that will serve as a centerpiece for the area's vitality and growth opportunities," said Tomlinson.
1800~s built architecturally and historically valuable school building, the renovation of the HVAC - design.
The Morris Companies completely renovated the property in 1988 and converted it into an award-winning apartment complex that retained much of its historic character and architecturally distinctive features.
I note that this seems to be an almost all-women site and that it is committed to the ideology of the Bauhaus--though, happily this latter scarcely affects the architecturally omnivorous nature of the former.
The stripped-down houses are not architecturally rare, and none of the former residents shows up on historical Who's Who listings.

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