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The architecturally sized benefits of the trees planted inside the properties referred to in article 1-2 of this ctp, as well as freeform size and some related work and interventions.
The addition widens Masonitea[euro](tm)s portfolio of door products for commercial and architecturally specified applications, vice president for corporate development, Chris Virostek, said.
Gordon Miller, founder of what, said: "Halcyon Hills sets out its stall to deliver a highly sustainable resort that minimises the environmental impact on the local area through sympathetic low-rise, architecturally designed houses, considerate water treatment on site, and through the use of native stone and timber.
The reason I ask is that I seem to remember a number of architecturally significant buildings with important history - Cleveland Scientific Institute, Odeon Cinema, North Riding Infirmary to name the most recent examples - getting bulldozed.
The development was designed to carefully maintain the architecturally unique details of the structure's original design, while meticulously carving out vast living spaces that lend to loft like living.
Newer arrivals have brought an even richer religious and cultural mix: Hindus, Baha'is, Muslims, and Buddhists all have houses of prayer in this city, some of them as architecturally impressive as the biggest Catholic church in town.
There's beauty in the way bodies have been architecturally arranged in intermingling duets, trios, and mix-and-match groupings, especially in husband-and-wife choreographic team Li Han-Zhong and Ma Bo's All River Red.
Architecturally designed by Cass Gilbert, this impressive building took nine years to build from groundbreaking to dedication.
Torino--which lies between the Po River and the western Alps in the Piedmont region--is a hidden gem among Italian cities, but its low profile may change once Olympic spectators catch glimpses of this architecturally grand city.
"Data center managers and storage administrators know that they get a highly scalable, compelling, and architecturally sound storage environment when pairing Hitachi TagmaStore storage systems with our state-of-the-art technology," said Tom Buiocchi, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Brocade.
The Boat Building, as it is affectionately known in the city, is of exceptional importance architecturally and historically, which all structures fewer than 50 years old must be to qualify for listing in the National Register, according to the National Park Service, which manages the register.
In contrast to the form's more architecturally oriented pioneers, however, Gentile doesn't pursue totalizing verisimilitude for his meticulously crafted sources.

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