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A new, architecturally acclaimed signature bridge would serve as a metaphor for unity, connecting people, linking communities, celebrating imagination and a creative spirit.
I am extremely disappointed that after all of my work for Nichii, including the design of an architecturally distinguished building for the Obihiro project, Nichii would defraud me and then substitute what I consider to be a tawdry mediocrity for my work," said Ambasz.
As a veteran of the real estate industry, he is dedicated to selling architecturally significant properties on the Los Angeles Westside and providing sound advice to his clients and buyers who are seeking to identify a property's potential.
Even Leib, a writer who has mounted a campaign to save the homes since he found out last July they were threatened, admitted they do not stand out architecturally.
Both neighborhoods feature spacious three and four bedroom, architecturally award-winning homes priced from $160,000, a very competitive price in the high-value Bay Area market.
and intends to build an architecturally distinct, entertainment industry-focused office campus on the site, the first Class A-project in Hollywood in decades and the only office campus in the area.
Contract notice: Architecturally art solutions right bank mezimostnE[degrees]ho urban pit in the sand.
The 699,045 square foot Reckson Summit office park, located on 102 wooded acres, features three architecturally distinct buildings with spectacular views, extensive landscaping and structured parking.
We're going to have a building that is going to be beautiful, it's going to stand out and it's going to be architecturally significant.
The effect is that of a free-standing building, a unique and dignified place in which the court's raison d'etre, to provide a place where justice is administered and affirmed, will be architecturally and civically legible.
has launched the Express5800/120Le system, an architecturally advanced, dual-processor-capable, Intel(R) Pentium(R) III-based server.
Thus each piece, even the most geometrically and architecturally structured works of the '70s, resembles a haiku, a Zen poem whose words must disperse in the wind, more than a work "stopped" in time and space.

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