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Thousands of commuters pass the architectus ral splendour of All Saints Church on Lower Pilgrim Street while St Nicholas' Cathedral's distinctive spire clambers closely behind, taking its place as the city's sixth tallest building.
Indeed, god is a city planner, or what Balbus would call an architectus (DND 2.
Design architect: ingenhoven architects; Architectus
The jury comprised Ashley de Vos (architect and academic, Sri Lanka), DB Nawarathna (architect and convener of ARCASIA Awards, Sri Lanka), Kerry Clare (teacher and director of Architectus, Australia) and Catherine Slessor (editor of the AR, UK).
Three square, intertwined, brick towers lie flopped over--a case of architectus interruptus?
AEC Systems, a Sydney-based reseller, introduced Architectus to BIM and the Revit platform, and provided training and implementation services.
47) "Ut sapiens architectus fundamentum posui," Corinthians 3:10, Summa Theologiae 1a.
Stoke-on-Trent firm Architectus has applied behalf of Tamir Cakir, from Rugby, to convert a general store at 97 Newbold Road.
Architectus Melbourne has named Mark Wilde as managing director, succeeding David Sainsbery who has been managing director for the last six years.
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Si itaque voluit sapientissimus mundi architectus hanc sui opifici fabricam certa numerorum ratione constare: an putandum est ipsum voluisse sacras litteras suo benigno indultu hominibus revelatas numerorum mysteriis abditissimis secretis carere quae spiritualem oculum illuminent sursumque promoveant?
Gallery Director Doug Hall said the five-level GoMA building -- designed by Kerry and Lindsay Clare of Sydney-based firm Architectus -- was a pavilion-like space that would bring art and visitors together in galleries that were grand, yet welcoming.

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