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One of the areas that continues to change and adapt to the needs of the archival community is that of archivist/user interaction.
Part 1, "Rethinking Histories and Theories," presents theories of archival practice and essays on the history of women archivists in England, archival description, and the concept of "archival silence." Part 2, "Engaging Records and Archives," presents histories of the creation and use of archives.
expression in archival tumor tissue and in pre- and post-treatment biopsy samples obtained from a heterogeneous population of relapsed epithelial ovarian cancer patients.
The first section challenges the reader to consider archives and archival records differently, for instance looking at blogs, eBay records, email, and anecdotes.
Panasonic's Archival Disc meets that requirement as a WORM (Write Once Read Many) media that prevents data overwrite or data falsification along with providing an estimated lifetime of 100 years or more.*3 Using the long- life Archival Disc eliminates the cost of having to migrate data periodically as is necessary with conventional media.
(8) Rejecting this idea of the centralized archive enables us to reconfigure research into attitudes toward document preservation in terms of archival practices.
Over the past few decades we have seen an increase in collecting archival sources among music libraries, both in the public sphere and within academic institutions.
Archival took the lead in Game 2 by giving Rousseau a dose of his own medicine.
(15) The right to withdraw and re-consent is often viewed by scholars, and IRBs themselves, as essential features of the IRB's job of regulating archival research.
Dalaguete is located in Southern Cebu, some three hours away from Cebu City where Archival's office is located.
As an outcome of the meeting, the National Archives of India will host an Omani delegation of archivists in New Delhi to prepare proper reference media for the archival documents collected from Indian side and will also hold an exhibition in New Delhi on Omani and Ottoman archival records besides a seminar featuring Arabic scholars from both sides.
According to "India Carbon Black Market Assessment & Future Opportunities, 2008-2018"; a recent focused study published by Tech Archival, global activated carbon market is anticipated to reach a massive value of USD 19 Billion by 2018.