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The requirement for tighter integration of archive policies within an IT infrastructure is creating a demand for more flexible strategies that can accommodate the new regulatory and risk management burden.
Preservation is an ongoing part of the remit; converting archived content into new formats has been an issue within the Television Archive since 1948, when nitrate was used for film production and archivists were already aware that alternative stock would need to be developed to save material in the long term.
Established in 1977 to provide 35mm prints for the university's fabled School of Theater, Film and Television, the archive houses more than 230,000 film and television titles.
This release of Archive for DB2 integrates with EMC Centera's new native z/OS API support.
By supporting EMC's Compliance Edition, Princeton Softech's database archiving technology enables companies to archive data from relational databases and manage it in compliance with federal regulations.
a leader in practical e-mail governance, today announced integration of MessageGate Archive Categorization with Symantec Enterprise Vault, providing archive categorization and retrieval functionality to the archiving framework in which Enterprise Vault customers already exist.
Without a records management program guiding the organization and disposition of active and semi-active records, an archives program will not receive a comprehensive, reliable, and authentic body of records, but rather a miscellaneous collection of varying value and usefulness, transferred on an ad hoc basis according to individual interests, priorities, and workloads.
Archive is not Backup: Backups and Archives are not the same things, nor are they a substitute for one another.
Continuing database growth and data retention requirements are just two of the critical issues facing CIOs today and Princeton Softech's Active Archive Solutions have proven to be effective in managing this growth for the long term," said Joe Alea, Executive Vice President of Product Development at Princeton Softech.
With Enterprise Strategy Group forecasting total digital archive capacity increasing by 58 percent CAGR between 2006 and 2010, there is no question that active archiving and fixed content storage will be lucrative markets for storage resellers.
Inability to effectively backup critical e-mail messages: The personal archive (PST) folder approach generally allows for a configurable storage location for the archived data, which takes control over the location of this data out of the hands of IT, therefore making backup a catch-as-catch-can procedure.

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