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But licensing aside, discussions with the BBC's technology support departments have focused on the possibility of creating a central store of decommissioned software that might be recommissioned for the purposes of supporting archived content at least in the short term.
With this technology, companies can now archive from mainframe DB2 applications to EMC Centera and selectively retrieve archived subsets of data on demand, reducing the cost of compliance.
Archive for Servers provides proven technology for managing the accumulation of data within enterprise application databases and ensures compliance with data retention requirements, while providing responsive access to the archived data stored on EMC Centera.
We also know that industries, governments, and organizations are mandating that much of this content be archived for fixed periods of time in a secure and verifiable format, not only for legal reasons, as compliance plays into a "best practice" operational procedure.
1 delivers new options to speed the removal of large volumes of rarely-accessed data from overloaded databases once it has been safely archived.
All e-mail messages will then be archived based on centralized policies, even those immediately deleted by a user.
Additionally, many organizations face the looming possibility of civil litigation, with consequent demands for copies of archived e-mail messages and their attachments.
With a majority of companies relying on electronic communications even more than the telephone, efficiently storing and accessing archived e-mail messages is a top priority for IT administrators and executives.

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