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But irrespective of the external drivers, archived bbc.
Safe, cost-effective storage and on-demand access to archived data are critical components for customers implementing an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategy and addressing compliance requirements," said Lisa Cash, Princeton Softech's CEO and president.
If archived data is restored to the application and any changes are made, Active Archiving will compare the new check sum with the old upon re-archiving, conclude that changes have occurred, and save the newly archived data as a new file.
The enhanced archive indexing and search capabilities provide faster methods for accessing archived data.
The e-mail messages are archived "silently" with no interruption to Outlook users.
The top three end user storage issues in both polls included running out of primary storage (79 percent of VARs/50 percent of end users), dealing with long backup windows (77 percent of VARs/62 percent of end users), and having problems with retrieval time of archived data (69 percent of VARs/45 percent of end users).
When they pull up an archived message, they should have access to all the usual commands, such as "Reply" and "Forward.
If the data is easily accessible to the end users, they do not need administrator assistance to retrieve archived messages
Users continue to have real-time access to archived data using comprehensive search, browse and reporting capabilities without restoring a single row.
As a general rule used for common email retention policies, 80 percent of email can be immediately archived.
By using a standard DVD underpinning, the system protects important archived information from accidental erasure, unauthorized modification, data corruption, or viruses, for 50 years or more.

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