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The archived files are accessible for analytics and reporting purposes.
Functioning as network-attached storage (NAS), StrongBox provides CRS with a simple, secure file-based system for storing and accessing archived files using Liner Tape File System (LTFS) technology.
The next step up is to remove some of your stored data (typically archived files, completed projects, or backup) and place it on a separate file server attached not to your main server, but to your network.
However, the application of this principle to the extensive, archived files on PC hard drives, floppies, and Zip diskettes is rarely addressed or even considered.
You can also view the contents of archived files before extracting them, giving you the option of unzipping only the files you need.
For many of our existing customers, the benefits are two-fold: (1) NetWare volumes containing already-migrated files can be converted 'in-place' allowing all previously archived files to remain archived during the transition and accessible from their OES-Linux servers after the transition; (2) middle-tier storage previously required by some archival storage platforms can be eliminated during the conversion by linking the file system directly to the archived files.

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