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ARCHIVES. Ancient charters or titles, which concern a nation, state, or community, in their rights or privileges. The place where the archives are kept bears the same name. Jacob, L. D. h.t.; Merl. Rep. h.t.

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Listen, I have learned much of a most surprising nature from these archives of the Mahars.
What ships from beyond they have warned only the secret archives of government show; but, a naval officer myself, I have gathered from the traditions of the service that it has been fully two hundred years since smoke or sail has been sighted east of 30d or west of 175d.
Here is the text of the dispatch, which figures now in the archives of the Gun Club:
Gustavus Adolphus and his Swedes passed through more than once, as is duly recorded in archives still preserved, for we are on what was then the high-road between Sweden and Brandenburg the unfortunate.
an archive or archives of films, sound recordings and other recorded and printed matter which is representative of the sound and television programmes and films broadcast or transmitted by the Corporation" (Department of National Heritage: Broadcasting, 1996a, Section 11).
Data for each application can be stored in separate, secure archives, and individual policies can be applied to each archive to enable IT managers to meet the strictest of service level agreements for performance, cost and protection.
9 million requested for the National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) electronic recordkeeping project and divert the funds to Amtrak.
Email archives also fall into this category and face increasing pressure to be retained indefinitely for legal reasons.
On regular basis, Archive Systems would scan anywhere from 175,000 to 275,000 single pages per day for a customer's digital archives and for online retrieval using up to ten lower speed and smaller capacity scanners.
However, unlike traditional archiving, active archiving is a proven technology that safely archives and removes nonessential data from complex relational databases with 100 percent accuracy.
We check with other archives around the world to see if we have things that are unique.

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