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Linton wore an all-black outfit, complete with a pair of long black-leather gloves, and smiled archly at the camera, while Mnunchin beamed.
And, when he's at his best and most archly ferocious, he reduces his stellar apprentices to pawns, cogs and minions by wielding his strengths with ambidextrous fury!
It's so archly conventional that it sends up its own sentimentality and simplicity.
Also totally true: Veteran Broadway performers Penny Fuller and Anita Gillette archly call their cabaret act Sin Twisters.
A part of the International Monetary Fund's efforts to increase fiscal transparency in the severely corrupt and oligarchic dominated economy, the archly resented law was essentially imposed on the political system and on the Ukrainian parliament by its Western partners.
From the moment we first clapped eyes on Cate Le Bon, archly plonking one of those 1980s over-the-shoulder Casio keyboards on the stage of Stiff Kitten, a little part of us died.
Support on this latest leg of the tour comes from Jonathan Mayor, who arrived on stage at the Auditorium like a camp genie let out of a panto lamp before Christmas, and who warmed up the crowd with archly amusing tales of his adoptive parents and growing up in '70s Yorkshire.
The setting is exotic--Greenland some 250 years ago--but despite the formal, sometimes archly "authentic" style, the vitality of the writing bridges distance in time and place.
It was at the Arena, for a start - referred to archly at one point as "your romantic concert hall".
Lynch's artistic output resonates with his Hollywood alms, archly evoking the mysterious in the familiar, the body in unlikely configuration with "organic phenomena," and "the home" as a site triggering flashbacks and nightmares.
The wire somewhat archly noted that Khamenei's comments came "during a meeting with the visiting Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al-Sabah whose trip to Tehran has been widely seen as an attempt to warm up the frosty ties between Iran and Sunni-ruled monarchies in the Gulf.
The one or two companies that in hindsight "got it right" were not smarter than everyone else, they just got lucky in being archly conservative.