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Amid the splendour he fancied Alice's fair face peeping archly down at him from the room.
with an archly black look which he acknowledged by a muttered, surly: "I am damned if I do.
That of course,' rejoined the young lady, smiling archly.
As Joe's buggy drove up, and while, after his usual thundering knock and pompous bustle at the door, the ex-Collector of Boggley Wollah laboured up stairs to the drawing-room, knowing glances were telegraphed between Osborne and Miss Sedley, and the pair, smiling archly, looked at Rebecca, who actually blushed as she bent her fair ringlets over her knitting.
she whispered, bending forward and pointing archly to the window underneath.
Doesn't it rather suggest,' said Mrs Lammle archly, 'that my Georgiana's little heart is--'
Fledgeby took his leave of Miss Podsnap at the carriage door, and the Lammles dropped her at her own home, and on the way Mrs Lammle archly rallied her, in her fond and protecting manner, by saying at intervals, 'Oh little Georgiana, little Georgiana
The Dying Grass clinches Vollmann's reputation as "one of our most challenging, archly nonconformist and accomplished writers" (Washington Post).
Such findings will fluctuate, as Jack Shafer noted aptly and archly in Politico:"While glory awaits the journalist who buries Hillary Clinton, carves her tombstone and tidies her grave, the makings of her demise cannot be read in these poll results.
I guess being for freedom would be really unusual,'' he said archly, before claiming that he knew of many "walking, talking, normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders'' after being vaccinated.
e boys bend the old Western swing sound - North East swing they've called it - and manage to incorporate some gypsy-jazz, hokum, country and early blues all delivered with some archly original lyrics.
In 1986, the nomination of this deeply conservative justice won a 98-0 nod from the full Senate, something that could scarcely be imagined today Murphy notes archly that as the first Italian-American justice.