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The indignant Colonel plunged once more under the archway and was heard crying and thundering inside.
Then Miss Lavish darted under the archway of the white bullocks, and she stopped, and she cried:
Then pieces of the archway began to drop, and the lower masonry of the building to fall in with the rumbling sound of coals being shot into a cellar.
Bambridge was standing at his leisure under the large archway leading into the yard of the Green Dragon.
Well, inside that rock, which reaches up into the clouds, is an archway very much like the one we entered when we climbed the spiral stairway from the Valley of Voe.
Then a mouse ran up the cushions, and with a terrified leap poor Jinjur shot clear over the head of the Scarecrow and escaped through an archway -- never pausing in her wild career until she had reached the city gates.
Look -- in white letters, around the archway over the gate.
The officer bowed, and a few minutes afterwards the gallop of a horse was heard resounding in the vaulted archway.
She looked, as she said those words, towards an archway at the further end of the room, closed by curtains of purple velvet.
I asked, pointing through the archway into the Camp of the Lions.
Directly he observed her, he sought the shelter of an archway, and stood aside until she had passed.
Mr Meagles's companion, a grave dark man of forty, still stood looking towards this archway after they were gone; until Mr Meagles tapped him on the arm.