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Several studies established a correlation between syndrome suppression and decompression of the celiac trunk due to surgically sectioning of the median arcuate ligament (Bessot et al., 1970) or with a sympathectomy and denervation of the celiac ganglion sectioning the nervous fibers (Snyder et al., 1967), or associating both surgical procedures (Carey et al., 1969; Cormier & De La Fontaine, 1970 and Hivet & Lagadec).
Some studies have reported the occurrence of compression associated with origins of the celiac trunk as well as with the superior mesenteric artery by means of the median arcuate ligament of the diaphragm (Gautier-Benoit et al., 1970; Lord et al., 1968; Edwards; Broussin et al., 1970; Curl et al., 1971; Mulder et al., 1971; Stanley & Fry; Watt, 1972; Daily & Fogarty, 1976; Watson & Sadikali, 1977; Houssin et al., 1979; Langeron et al., 1980; Ghosn et al., 1982; Rogers et al., 1982; Bacourt et al., 1984; Lawson & Ochsner; Thevenet et al.; Bacourt et al., 1988 and Loffeld et al., 1995).
It had been long asked if the syndrome really exists causing abdominal pain (Szilagyi et al., 1972; Evans, 1974; Brandt & Boley, 1978; Croft et al., 1981 and Plate et al., 1981) although the beneficial effects of the surgical incision of the median arcuate ligament indicate a correlation between abdominal pain and the stenosis angiographically observed (Edhag et al., 1977 and Lawson & Ochsner).
We aimed to demonstrate its behavior in relation to diaphragm crura and in particular with the median arcuate ligament or intercrural, trying to provide anatomical data on this syntrophy.
Mensuration of the distance between the celiac trunk and the median arcuate ligament.
This distance was assessed in 12 out of the 83 cadavers between the superior margin of the origin of the celiac trunk and the free edge of the median arcuate ligament.
Mensuration of overlap of the median arcuate ligament in the celiac trunk.
The distance of the overlap of median arcuate ligament was assessed in 36 out of 83 cadavers and was obtained in the first centimeters close to the origin of the celiac trunk.
Fragments of the median arcuate ligament measuring 0.5 cm of height by 1.5 cm of width of three non- fixed cadavers who were maintained in frigorific chamber were resected and embedded in Bouin's solution and processed according to the methodology established by Masson.