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Arcus is also working with Hartlepool Housing on a new-build scheme at Easington Road in Hartlepool.
As further consideration, Arcus issued to Strata restricted shares of its common stock, which are subject to vesting based upon the achievement of regulatory milestones within certain timelines.
The founding of the Siderow Organization back in 2008 coincided with the major financial crisis that shook up the housing market, but Arcus said they simply focused on their game plan.
Arcus can be worn over clothing or integrated seamlessly into smart apparel or accessories such as braces.
Arcus specialises in 2D animation and has carried out with major broadcasters such as CBBC and E4.
Grantsville borrowed $3.2 million (the loan) from American Equity, LLC (later, ARCUS) as the source for its portion of the purchase money.
Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated has received a $2 million payment from WuXi Biologics subsequent to their licensing of exclusive rights to the anti-PD-1 antibody GLS-010 to Arcus Biosciences in North America, Europe, Japan and certain other territories.
Tecore Networks' Mobility Virtualized Platform (MVP) has been selected by Blue Arcus Technologies for deployment in the Marshall Islands.
Washington, DC, October 01, 2016 --( Arcus Foundation and Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) are pleased to announce this year's Great Apes Giving Day, a global day of giving in support of 34 qualified sanctuaries and rescue centers that provide rehabilitation and long-term care for great apes and gibbons throughout Africa, Asia, and North America.
8 June 2016 - New York-based equity fund Bregal Partners Co's US-based Arcus Hunting, LLC acquisition company has completed its acquisition of hunting arrow accessory provider Trophy Taker, Inc., the company said.
However, the supposed gunman was photographer and car enthusiast Neil Arcus and his alleged weapon was a camera.
ROCHESTER: Arcus Homes Inc., Vilicus Homes Inc., J&L Terra Holdings Inc., JP Ventures Construction LLC and Bonza Builders LLC, developers of a subdivision in Rochester, have resolved allegations by the Attorney General's Office that they violated state consumer protection laws.