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ARDENCY INN Lab , short videos where the brand's products are put to the test in real life situations
Life rises to greet me, boasting its ardency in the carotid.
This ardency picks up again, and is ironized, in an installation of five videos.
GIVEN her ardency, perhaps it was inevitable Barbara Hughes would become involved in farming politics.
A series of bedroom scenes where Francis and Marie interact with other lovers further suggests the egotism that ardency masks: Although each encounter ends in lovemaking, so self-absorbed are Francis and Marie in each encounter that the lover's presence is nearly negated.
What to expect in 2010: Class Actress' Journal of Ardency, CANT full length, releases by Kindness and Twin Shadow.
The ardency of his sexual desire is congruent with that of his ambitious conquests, but he expresses his desire in a reverie of feeling congruent with what he expressed toward Pompey's death: there he imagined the high fame of "godlike Pompey" enshrined in heaven (2.
Her lapdog lover, Alfredo, sung with suitably Italianate ardency by Alfie Boe, made quite a mark.
Am I truly ardent about hunting, or is my ardency just a show for others?
I believed it with the single-minded ardency of an eight-year-old mind.