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What to expect in 2010: Class Actress' Journal of Ardency, CANT full length, releases by Kindness and Twin Shadow.
The ardency of his sexual desire is congruent with that of his ambitious conquests, but he expresses his desire in a reverie of feeling congruent with what he expressed toward Pompey's death: there he imagined the high fame of "godlike Pompey" enshrined in heaven (2.1.127), and here he is compelled to "imagine some celestiall sweetnesse" in a creature striking him as "a thing divine" (2.3.104, 98).
Her lapdog lover, Alfredo, sung with suitably Italianate ardency by Alfie Boe, made quite a mark.
Am I truly ardent about hunting, or is my ardency just a show for others?
I believed it with the single-minded ardency of an eight-year-old mind.
However, by the end of the novel, it becomes clear that Ethel's heedlessness is only one manifestation of an underlying character trait, ardency or enthusiasm, that also makes possible great religious and intellectual achievements.
As a result "another genius is summoned to continue the progress into the dominions of the obscure and the impalpable," which the poet "fears to penetrate." (49) This genius is the "romancer" or "novelist" who goes beyond the level of "conjecture" that the poetic historian is allowed to the very "liberties of creation." Both the historian and the romancer may well be obliged by a rule that their first duty is "the benefit and blessing of the races which they severally represent," and both have in their care "the holy trusts of art" in its role as a stimulant "to ardency in the grand and unceasing struggle after perfection." (50) But the romancer takes possession of the fruits made possible by the historian's mixture of "doubt and promise."
Where earlier authors looked to England and Europe for aesthetic inspiration and cultural validation, writes Powers, Twain provided a "radically new native voice [that was] diametrically the opposite of Jamesian eloquence [and which] radiated, in its very homespun ardency, a new sort of American truth."
(9) Just as the disciples denounced Mary's ardent act of profound and sacred significance as a "waste," Roger despises Dale and condemns his sincere, fervent effort as "blasphemous" and "extravagant" (10) Roger both envies and condemns the exuberant ardency of Dale's faith, which inspires the young man's audacious project, just as he envies and degrades Dale's sexual potency in his pornographic fantasies depicting the young man's encounters with Esther.
While 'Aeolus' moves the young would-be bard perilously close to the kind of empty sentimentalism that so often usurps the ardency of authentic poetic expression, Stephen offsets the dangers through the counterweight of a sceptical, self-critical turn of mind--a mind that does not easily forget the long history of false rhetoric and home betrayals that mark the Irish condition.
Reminding readers of this tale, Boyne emphasizes an unattractive side to male ardency. The picture of Apollo attempting to "seize" the fleeing maiden in his "open jaws" is frighteningly reminiscent of predator-prey violence, but his embracing of the resisting bark and branches of the tree, as he seeks to fulfill his lust with Daphne even after she has lost human form, is even more repellant.
Even more inconvenient is the fact that while Farrell was an ardent Cold Warrior, his ardency was rather idiosyncratic.