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In statements, the spokesperson said his country has been calling ardently for a long time for the reconciliation process She added that the return of the government to Gaza should allow the Palestinian Authority to fully exercise its prerogatives in the Gaza Strip, including in the security area, as well as paving the way to the reconciliation process.
In order to survive, the siblings ardently learn their lessons from the waging war and studiously record these lessons in a 'notebook'.
If he were still alive, former Commission on Elections Commissioner Vicente de Lima would have ardently defended his daughter Sen.
Ideas is one of the leading retail brands in Pakistan and has an avid following amongst buyers of all ages, who ardently seek out the brand's pret and unstitched fabric luxury collections.
IN principle I have always been ardently opposed to ID cards, but time after time seeing our welfare system being plundered by mainly foreign nationals I begin to realise that we cannot carry on as we are.
If the President hadn't been so ardently anti-Muslim , we might have believed it.
The parties have ardently stepped in the political ground for contesting in Punjab and Sindh local bodies election but the ECP officials have barred PTI and PML-N from conducting public gathering at Dhobi Ghat, terming it against the electoral rules and regulations.
Madani who described the dastardly and cowardly against key partners like the UAE who are ardently engaged in contributing to the peace building and reconstruction process in Somalia, is clearly intended at scaring the international community which has been striving to rebuild Somalia and return durable peace to the country.
America, the American Medical Association is committed to improving the health of the nation and ardently supports funding for medical research that not only generates lifesaving discoveries, but also fuels economic growth by increasing jobs and productivity, and helps control health care costs.
Elva often spoke of the Christian values imbued in her by her mother, and in her later years she ardently embraced the Orthodox Christian Faith.
Both political parties wooed them heavily before the midterms and will likely do so more ardently in the run-up to 2016.
They have studied ardently, and are ready to add to GCU's 100% passing rate.