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ARDORs are governed by aboard, which can hire an executive director.
Work done by a number of ARDORs has been enough to keep the line item intact-but not to increase funding.
Today that piece has been reduced to $44,000 as the number of ARDORs increased to 13.
Some ARDORs haven't had a lot of success, but they're still working hard to make improvements to their communities.
Besides the ARDORS mentioned, others include the Anchorage Economic Development Corp.
ARDOR legislation grew out of a trip through rural Alaska, Sturgelewski said.
The first ARDOR was established on the Kenai Peninsula, and today it perhaps most closely follows the original intent.
Entrepreneurs who took advantage of the ARDOR services included a gas-detection equipment-leasing agent, a supplier of industrial coatings, a video producer and a landscape designer.
The Kenai ARDOR puts a lot of effort into conferences, which are held at different places in the borough.