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paternalism; while the latter form of arduousness would artificially
Research on campaigns by teacher unionists and feminist organisations for the removal of state government statutory bars that prevented married women from teaching shed light on both the arduousness of the struggles and the importance of cooperative strategies among activist organisations in gaining change.
It is necessary to understand the arduousness of the standing doctrine in environmental litigation in order to appreciate why courts are ambiguous in conducting harm analysis under the test for preliminary injunctions.
Application arduousness of technical and tactical elements in immediate and fluctuant positions in the game is also a significant factor in development of features like coordination-reaction.
Students: Decrease the volume of graduate form of education; transparent determination of the study arduousness according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS); Use of case studies and of the best practice; participation on projects; specialised stays; lectures delivered by external experts; study flexibility (free choice of subjects).
For pilgrims on the journey, the sheer arduousness and the meditation sessions were cathartic.
It does seem clear enough that the appellate courts reduce the arduousness of their own work by reviewing fine-grained decisions deferentially.
You might regard Tombaugh's story as a parable of the diligent clerk, the persevering drone, but there was an ardor in his arduousness.
Again, this jump from defender of principles of the established order to offender and social agitator is a proof of human beings' contradictions and ambiguities, as well as of the arduousness of linguistic codes.
Confirming Jaffrey's description of the physical arduousness of the profession, the diver's expression of anxiety and concern invites empathy and intimacy with the readers who encounter the photograph.
But the arduousness of Beckett's quest finally earns Oser's respect.
The streams of inputs and outputs, and their material and energy balance, determine arduousness of the product to the environment.