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Melvin McGlauphlin, John McGlauphlin Robert Rutland Lydia McGlauphlin Lauren Bone Frances McGlauphlin Carolyn Swift Brent McGlauphlin James Nardella Jeremy Reed James Miles Stickpin Padowski Lucas Papaelias Studio Arena Theater has developed a commendable tradition of producing new plays that "have a direct thematic connection with its home city of Buffalo.
Faustus Lights the Lights," which opens Wednesday in the arena theater at Villard Hall.
* AT (Arena Theater) 713-772-5900 *
"Vanities," a bittersweet comedy about three small-town Texas girls growing up in the 1960s and '70s, will open Wednesday in the University of Oregon's arena theater, 104 Villard Hall, 1109 Old Campus Lane.
As of May, for 5 1/2 months, the Lyttelton will be home to a 1.5 million [pounds sterling] ($2.1 million) "Transformation" that will divide the theater into a new 650-seat arena theater and a 100-seat studio, raising the number of NT venues from three to four.
`Fuddy Meers' opens Wednesday in the arena theater at Villard Hall on the University of Oregon campus.
In a separate award competition, the Melbourne-based Arena Theater Co.