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Yes, the visual-vocal movie argot was well spoken to satisfy the sempiternal conflict between goodies and baddies, and the non-negotiable requirement by Americans that movies have happy endings.
Actually, it's circus talk--or, more technically, circus argot, argot being a specialized vocabulary used by a particular group for mutual bonding and private communication.
But sifting the speculation on social media to uncover the facts takes time, and in an impatient, networked world, that translates (in the argot of the internet) as a "#journalism #fail".
London, July 6 ( ANI ): Our insatiable fascination with celebrities is helping reinvent the cockney rhyming slang, an ancient argot that many language experts feared was dying out.
I love 'A Clockwork Orange' and novels like 'The Colour Purple' that are written in argot.
We are and it is, to coin some street argot, "totally wicked
In the argot of the agency, its "Subpart W" proposed rule, issued in April, is an offshoot of the final GHG reporting rule the agency published last October.
On balance, that implies a Vatican team more focused on ensuring that the church follows her own logic and speaks her own language rather than adapting to the psychology and argot of secular modernity.
Failure predictions were, in the argot of the report, "non-conservative" where defects were greater than 40 percent of the pipe wall and in line pipe of grade X52 and above.
of Surrey, UK) explain geology for civil engineers without what they view as the "major distraction" of teaching the argot of geological terminology.
That would mean significant savings for CSX, which now has to remove the top tier of containers from double-stacked trains - "filet" them, in railroad argot - so they can pass under bridges built long before the container-freight era.
He handles Burgess's extraordinary teen argot so effortlessly that listeners will need no glossary, and he provides unique, well-chosen accents for all of the teens, adults and authority figures with whom Alex comes into contact during his journey into adulthood.