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A form of expression consisting of a coherent set of reasons presenting or supporting a point of view; a series of reasons given for or against a matter under discussion that is intended to convince or persuade the listener.

For example, an argument by counsel consists of a presentation of the facts or evidence and the inferences that may be drawn therefrom, which are aimed at persuading a judge or jury to render a verdict in favor of the attorney's client.

An attorney may begin to develop an argument in the Opening Statement, the initial discussion of the case in which the facts and the pertinent law are stated. In most cases, however, an attorney sets forth the main points of an argument in the closing argument, which is the attorney's final opportunity to comment on the case before a judge or jury retires to begin deliberation on a verdict.

ARGUMENT, practice. Cicero defines it ii probable reason proposed in order to induce belief. Ratio probabilis et idonea ad faciendam fidem. The logicians define it more scientifically to be a means, which by its connexion between two extremes) establishes a relation between them. This subject belongs rather to rhetoric and logic than to law.

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But, rejecting all his arguments, and upholding his conviction as 'safe', Mr Justice Blair said the grounds put forward by Noorullah were 'not arguable'.
Thus, a subordinate lawyer cannot blindly follow a supervising lawyer's instruction, but is permitted to rely on the judgment of a supervising lawyer only in cases in which there is an "arguable question of professional duty" and the supervising lawyer's resolution of the issue is reasonable.
(1) My review is arguable when I claim that most of the writers in the two volumes do assume or imply that their goal is to figure out what college-level writing really is--to figure out a definition or standard.
IT IS arguable whether the pen really is mightier than the sword - but it's certainly more expensive.
There will be no room for arguable earthquakes and insults from the type of "shiptars" or "NATO aggressors," said Abazi.
Two High Court judges have ruled John Hogan's case raised "serious points that are plainly arguable" and gave himpermission to seek a judicial review.
It's arguable just how essential or classic any of the artists on Disco Italia actually are, but it's a nice way for the casually curious listener to dip their toes into the genre pool.
Given the consumer-based nature of Western culture and the niche market surrounding the male body as a commodity, it is arguable that men will continue to be exploited in such a manner.
This assumes that science as method can lead to certainty (dubious in the emergent realms of psychology and cognitive science), which is an arguable premise.
A High Court judge recently ruled that they did not have an arguable case, and blocked a full hearing.
As the IRS has said that it will not consider the classification of the property of California domestic partners as community earnings for purposes of income splitting on tax returns, it is arguable that the IRS should not consider the conversion of separate property into community property as a taxable event for that reason as well.